We are happy to bring you another great innovation that has come into effect since the recent update of our SW Panel: all our users will be able to benefit from an HTTP / 2 connection in their user panel. That is, a much faster connection.

While the change will not be visible to the naked eye since browsers do not tend to show the details of the protocol used, it is true that this improvement will help to accelerate load times and allow a smoother user experience.

The HTTP / 2 protocol was presented by Google (at that time it was still known as SPDY) and began to be implemented as of 2015, replacing the previous version 1.1 dating, no more, no less than the year 1997!

To summarize very briefly the technical functioning of HTTP / 2, its great advantage is the ‘multiplexing’ or, what is the same, the delivery of different content through the same TCP connection. In this way the number of connections between client and server is drastically reduced and the content can be delivered with lower latency, greater fluidity and greater speed.

Graphical representation of HTTP 1.1 and HTTP protocol 2. Each arm represents a TCP connection between client and server.

Take the test: the HTTP / 2 test

To try the new HTTP / 2 protocol you just have to connect to your SW Panel account. However, if you want to compare the performance improvement between one version and another, we provide you with the link to this visual test presented by Google. Each of the test pages is loaded by a different protocol.

[Go to the HTTP / 1.1 test]

[Go HTTP / 2 test]

Remember to empty the cache or reload using CTRL + F5 before re-executing the test.

HTTP / 2 is the new standard that the web will gradually adopt. From SW Hosting we are happy to be at the forefront of this technological change and thus be able to offer a better experience to all our users.

And remember, if you have any questions about this and other changes, you can always contact our customer service department through your support wall.

Thank you!