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Resilience – Your SW Panel up to date

In order to continue advancing and to be as advanced as possible, we must continue to implement novelties, sometimes it may even cause us to rush and flood our change [...]

A bet more for Cybersecurity

In the technological world all areas intersect and mix at one point or another. Apart from the fact that the connected world is already globalized and claims that everything is [...]

Video Testimonial Roik – SW Hosting

The ecommerces are a growing sector for many years now. The traditional business with only one store on the corner of the street of the neighborhood or town can no [...]

Complete Administration of your Server

Proactive management The Managed Cloud of SW Hosting is a complete solution that puts in the hands of an engineering team the administration and monitoring of your IT infrastructure 24 [...]

The Systems Consulting for your Cloud

We have a challenge ahead in the world of technology. Although "time" is said to be in the era of information and technological change, accompaniment and education are still necessary. [...]