We have many cases in the blog where we show how effective we are being the IT partner from different sectors that need or have wanted to bet on the Cloud infrastructure. We are convinced of the potential of this technology and every day more organizations and companies take the step towards the infrastructure in the cloud.

In the current market all the interlocutors of the offline world are taking advantage of the internet and its tools to reach more people every day. It is not surprising then that stores well established in a sector, which in principle are the most prepared and with more resources behind them, take the leap and create their own ecommerce.

In the case we present today, the reputation of Natura stores does not need to be explained by being known within their territories of influence, but we do want to point out the good harmony we have had in the years we have been working with them and Dr. Windows to make reality the ecommerce of some physical stores cared to the last detail.

Testimonial Natura & Dr. Windows with SW

This month we bring you the perfect case of three-way work. With us in the infrastructure part, the web developer as an independent company [Dr. Windows] and the final client with the product to sell [Natura] and the peace of mind of working with professionals. Because, how can Natura delegate its technical development to another company and do away with complete in-house technical equipment?

In the video, Toni Milián from Natura comments: “We do not have a technical part in the company, we are two technicians and we can not dedicate ourselves to the infrastructure or servers, which is why we delegate everything to Dr. Windows, which gives us a lot Quiet because they already know what our needs are, they know how we work and the priorities of the incidents “, and then, Dr. Daniel Devesa, continues with:” SW Hosting gives us a lot of security at the moment of carrying out our projects “. And this shows the good understanding of the teams that, doing each one their work, allow us to improve the good results day by day. We leave you with the full video:

With the confidence generated in these videos, SW’s team of engineers is fed for a good season. With it we grow, hand in hand with our customers (and their customers), thus forming the perfect relationship so that we all emerge victorious in our fields.

Thank you very much for your attention, see you in the next installment of Testimonials!