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All SW Panel manuals and guides available to the community

by SW Team

At SW Hosting we want to help the Internet community by offering all our help content and utilities on the SW Panel, to make everyone aware of the benefits of our exclusive control panel that we offer in all our products.

We have published a new website with all the contents so that you can consult them at any time, whether or not you are a SW Hosting client.

You have available the web with all the manuals and guides at the following address:

Our control panel SW Panel
SW Panel, our very own panel, is incredibly powerful and seamlessly integrated into our platform. You will be able to carry out all your procedures from a single place and access hundreds of functionalities.

Without the need for additional resources, SW Panel does not affect the performance of your product and has total remote control by independent and secure network.


  • Fully integrated
    You will have a single control panel for all your services. A single tool to control everything, any type of service will be managed from SW Panel, without the need to access other platforms or panels.


  • Designed for Resellers
    100% white label and 100% customizable. We have created it for you to use as your management tool and that of your clients. You can fully integrate SW Panel with your website and resell the services.


  • Support and Warranty
    We do not depend on third parties to be able to give you the best support and the best guarantees for our control panel. We are able to solve any doubt about SW Panel in the shortest time possible.


  • Continuous evolution
    SW Panel evolves and learns with customers. Every day is better, faster, smarter, more adjusted to your needs. SW Panel adapts in real time, to always show you the options you need.

All the options that SW Panel offers you
SW Panel evolves and improves day by day. Here we show you the most important features, so you can see the infinite possibilities that only SW Panel can offer you:

  • Steps for Hosting services
    • Management of DNS records for domains
    • FTP account management
    • Email account management
    • Mail aliases management
    • Distribution list management
    • Directory permission management
    • Error page management
    • Chrono management
    • Database management
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • Access DSN on Windows
    • MsSQL Server on Windows
    • Automatic installation of WordPress and Prestashop
    • Automatic installation of SSL certificates
    • Free Let's Encrypt certificates
    • Comodo payment certificates, Rapid SSL
    • Domain registration
    • Registration of Hosting + Domain + Certificate
    • Multi PHP web hosting deployment


  • Infrastructure management
    • Deployment of hosting services
    • Deployment of Cloud servers
    • Autoscaling of vCores and RAM for Cloud servers
    • Deployment of Multicloud infrastructures
    • Intelligence of vertical scaling of Cloud resources
    • Management of vCores, RAM and HD for Cloud servers
    • Autoscaling of vCores and RAM for Cloud servers
    • Intelligence of vertical scaling of Cloud resources
    • Snapshots management for Cloud servers
    • Template management for Cloud deployment
    • Backup management
    • Off-server / cloud backups
    • Updates to the Operating System


  • Security, Firewalls and Networking
    • Creation of private VLans between Cloud servers
    • Creation of SSL VPN
    • Creation of IPSec VPN
    • Community Tools, Newsletters and Mailing
    • Creation of storage service in the cloud
    • Fail2Ban management
    • Edge FW management, off-server / cloud
    • Layer 4 Edge FW or IPS
    • Layer 7 Edge FW or application
    • Real-time analysis of attacks
    • Real-time attack charts and maps


  • Reports, payments and administrative procedures
    • Creation of security reports at the Cloud server level
    • Creation of SEO reports at web level
    • Custody of server logs
    • Registration, management and surveillance of domains
    • Integrated management of balances, billing and payments
    • Administrative procedures
    • Management of support and tickets


  • Management for reseller
    • White brand
    • Image / color customization
    • Integration of Login with Reseller's Web
    • User Management
    • 10 user depth levels
    • Domain management APIs
    • Service management APIs
    • Management of permissions by users
    • Access profile management
    • Access by email accounts
    • Access by Hosting service
    • User access
    • A single control panel for all services
    • A single main user for all services

No other panel on the market offers you as much as SW Panel.

Enjoy all our knowledge about SW Panel made available to you from our new website:

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