Configure your Cloud Storage Server instantly

Store your company's data securely and access them at any time, from anywhere. Share your files or easily create backup copies of your computers and servers.

Cloud Storage



How much space do you need?


Available instantly, without minimum stay and with total freedom to export your data at any time.

Your private cloud storage space. Always ready for you to save your files, documents or whatever you want. Totally private and with restricted access only for you.

Save everything you need, you will not pay for each file, you will not pay to upload or download files from your Cloud. We propose a real flat rate, with no hidden costs and no long-term contracts.

Available instantly, without minimum stay and with total freedom to export your data at any time.
Expand whenever you want

Expand whenever you want

Start with any amount of GB you need and expand your available space, easily and in seconds, from the control panel that we offer.

Unlimited transfer

Unlimited transfer

Unlimited! Our Cloud VPS have no bandwidth limit. Use as much as you need for your project, totally free.

FTP connection

FTP connection

100% compatible with the standard FTP protocol. You can use it in any backup program or any file transfer program.

Easy and intuitive panel

Easy and intuitive panel

Create, manage, customize, expand or reduce your Cloud from anywhere in the world and in seconds thanks to SW Panel.

Your secure and flexible personal Storage

Cloud Storage offers you all the advantages of cloud storage without renouncing your security policy.

Data redundancy

We host multiple copies of your data in our data centers, protecting the files of your Cloud Storage with the maximum guarantees.

Guaranteed availability

You will always have access to your data, wherever you are. We guarantee by contract a minimum service availability of 99.98%.

Encrypted connection

Security is essential, all data can be transferred by secure protocols guaranteeing complete confidentiality.

Enable team work

Create shared folders and offer your team a powerful form of collaboration without security risks for your company.

Abides by GDPR and local data protection laws

Your data will be hosted in a Data Center physically located in Spain, in strict compliance with the GDPR and under ISO 27001 audit.

Extendable up to 5TB

Start with the GB you need and expand them when you need more, easily and in seconds, from your control panel

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