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El software swhosting-rpc

The swhosting-rpc software package is the API that is responsible for communicating and synchronizing the actions performed in SWPanel with your Cloud server.

The moment you perform any action in SWPanel, it will make a remote procedure call (RPC) to your Cloud requesting the swhosting-rpc program to execute the action.


To proceed with the installation of swhosting-rpc, we will first add the repository by executing the following commands:

cat >> /etc/apt/sources.list <<EOF
# SWHosting XML RPC
deb http://packages.swhosting.com/serveisweb stable non-free

Download the public key:

wget -O - http://packages.swhosting.com/serveisweb/swhosting.gpg.key|apt-key add -

Finally, we install:

apt-get install swhosting-rpc

It will show the list of packages to install, press the letter "y" and "Enter".

All SWPanel licensed servers deployed by SWHosting already have this package installed by default.


If at any time we need to upgrade this package, we will execute the following commands:

apt-get update
apt-get install swhosting-rpc

Or if you prefer, you can upgrade all packages:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Be careful, this operation will update all the packages of your system. Proceed only if you know what you're doing...


The package generates two directories:

  • Executables: /usr/local/SWHostingRPC/
  • Logs and RPC configuration: /etc/swhosting-rpc/

Configuration and testing

We have the following configuration files:

  • RPC service: /etc/swhosting-rpc/swhosting-rpc/swhostingrpc.yml

    • In this same directory you will find a sample configuration file: swhostingrpc.yml.sample
  • Log configuration: /etc/swhosting-rpc/log4perl.conf

  • You can check that everything is OK by running the script


If there are any errors, it will appear.

IMPORTANT: To edit the configuration files, use spaces and not tabs.


  • I have modified the configuration, but it is not applied.

    • If the configuration made in the /etc/swhosting-rpc/swhostingrpc.yml file is not applied, check that another swhostingrpc.yml file does not exist in /usr/local/SWHostingRPC/. If so, delete it.
  • I run the test and errors appear.

    • Check that the MySQL / MariaDB database engine is not stopped.

/etc/init.d/mysql status

                - It is possible that you have modified at some point the password of the user "root" or "debian-sys-maint" and this change has not been reflected in the configuration file "swhostingrpc.yml".

> Remember that you can request the intervention of the Systems Engineering Area by opening a ticket for technical action.