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How to generate an SEO report

What is an SEO report?

An SEO report analyzes how your website is positioned in search engines. In addition, it is able to analyze if the content of the website and the way it is done is correct or can be improved. This is very useful to know what actions should be done on a published website to improve its positioning in search engines.

What is an SEO report for?

It is useful for you to have an idea of those things on your website that should be improved so that Google or any other search engine positions it better.

A good SEO report consists of several parts to be analyzed:

  1. The current positioning
  2. Studying the keywords
  3. Study the Meta tags and all URLs.
  4. Analyze the content of your website
  5. Optimization and usability analysis, including mobile devices.
  6. Links on your website and external links

What do I have to do to get my free report?

By the fact of being a SW Hosting customer and having a control panel, you can request a free report of your Web.

How do I request my free report?

The first step is to access the SWPanel, indicate your service in the search engine and click on it to access your Dashboard. enter image description here

Click on Reports and Certificates -> SEO.

enter image description here

Then click on the Generate Report button.

enter image description here

In the generation section simply tell us the type of SEO report you want, the url of the web you want to analyze and the email account to which you want us to send the report. In minutes you will have your website analyzed.

enter image description here enter image description here

Are there more options besides a free report?

In case you need a more professional or detailed report, you can request an advanced SEO Professional report in which the analysis of your website and its content will be much more exhaustive.

This professional report will be useful so that you can present it to your current SEO provider or Web designer to make the modifications or corrections that we detail in it.

If you do all of them, the improvement in the positioning of your website will be guaranteed. If you were not found in Google before, we assure you that now they will.