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Park a Cloud server

What does it mean to park my Cloud?

Imagine that for a time you are not going to use your Cloud, nor do you need it to be operational, although you know that in a while you will have to start it again.

So a good option to save monthly costs of your Cloud server would be to park it.

Parking a Cloud server means stopping it and stop allocating certain resources (vCores and RAM), but keeping its assigned public IP and also all the data stored on its disk.

The cost of the resources of this Cloud (vCores and RAM) will no longer be billed, only the total disk space assigned to your Cloud server and the public IP will be billed.

In this way, the monthly cost of your Cloud server is the minimum possible and corresponds only to the conservation of the data on the Cloud disk that you are going to park, in addition to the public IP of your server.

What's the difference with stopping it?

A stopped Cloud does not release the resources corresponding to the vCores and the server RAM, so it continues to generate costs for all the server resources (vCores, RAM, HD, IPs, ...), in the same way as when the server is still started and running.

How do I park my cloud server?

To park your Cloud, you must first locate it through the service finder of your SWPanel:

enter image description here

Once you are in the Dashboard of your service, you must go to the left blue side menu and display the "Actions on this service" tab, and choose the option "Park cloud". enter image description here

In the next window we will see the information corresponding to the monthly costs that the parked Cloud server will generate, we accept to park the Cloud and click on "We apply changes". enter image description here

In this informative screen, and only in the case that your Cloud server has created an Image (Snapshot), you will be indicated that, to park the Cloud, you must check the validation box indicating that all Snapshots will be removed from the server and then the Cloud can be parked.

To park the Cloud server you must check the checkbox of "I accept to park the Cloud" and press the "Park Now" button.

And once stopped, how I do unpark it?

A dropdown with the name Parked Clouds will appear in the service tree, where all the Clouds that are parked will appear. To unpark it, you just have to open the dropdown by hovering over it, as indicated by the red box on the right of the image. enter image description here

Now click on Unpark Cloud. enter image description here

Check the checkbox "I agree to unpark the Cloud now" and click on "Unpark now". enter image description here Ready, your Cloud is back on and operational.