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Advantages of SW data centers' in Barcelona-Girona and Madrid

Our main philosophy is to offer you the highest quality Cloud service. Following this simple principle we built a practical, functional and modern infrastructure that can be easily expanded and maintained while, at the same time, following strict quality, security and environmental sustainability criteria.


The most advanced network architecture in the world. Metafabric by Juniper Networks eliminates the bottlenecks of traditional IDCs and allows unlimited scalability of our infrastructure while drastically reducing the latency between servers and data centers. Better performance, speed and flexibility.

General specifications
  • 1200m² building
  • 4 floors: 2 for technical equipment and our data center, 2 for our personnel.
  • 2 450m² data center rooms
  • Physical multi ISP setup, redundant connectivity and independent fiber channel rings.
  • IDC construction with 600mm concrete walls
  • Totally sectorized facility distribution
  • Building year 2009
  • 2 IDC rooms of each 450m²
  • 1 technical room for electrical equipment and UPS
  • 1 Technical room for fire extinguishing equipment
  • 1 floor for cooling systems and backup generators.
  • Independent climate control in each room
  • Rooms with raised floor
  • 2000 kg/m² floor resistance
  • 320 mm elevated floor
  • Roof height from 316 to 330 cm
Electrical systems
  • Direct independent supply connection from the provider company.
  • Space dedicated to the installation of a medium voltage transformer.
  • Electrical room housing the building's general low-voltage boards, UPS and automatic transfer switches.
  • Monitored electrical room (CCTV), cooled and controlled with electrical network analyzers.
  • 4 UPS units of 80KVA each, connected with a parallel redundant N+3 system, each of them with their own battery cabinet and isolation transformer which provides them with their own earthing system. Battery autonomy for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Two parallel redundant generators able to provide up to 200 KVA each, connected to an emergency external 1000 liter fuel line.
  • Automatic electrical transfer switch. Zero downtime.
  • Building referred as "electricity island". We are capable of generating our own electricity: Zero downtime
  • Cooling air driven from modular units through a raised floor (plenum)
  • Cold air release in cold corridors through metal grids. Hot air recovery in warm corridors.
  • Water detection probes placed beneath the elevated floor, connected to air machines.
  • Air cooling machine alternation (1 kept as back up). Cooing determined by temperature level in individually thermostat controlled corridors.
  • Temperature and humidity monitored in the whole room
  • IDC rooms
    Temperature 21ºC (+-2ºC)
    Humidity 50% (+-5%)
  • Independently cooled SAI room
    Temperature 23ºc (+-2 ºC)
    Humidity 55% (+-5%)
Extinguishing system
  • Independent room dedicated to extinguishing equipment
  • VESDA system. Data center air analysis by laser filtering.
  • Fire alarm control panel connected to a high pressure nebulized water system.
Security and presence
  • Entry to the room is only permitted together with authorized personnel.
  • Face recognition access control with additional voice recognition system.
  • Data Center exit protected by a personal biometric card access system.
  • Closed Circuit Video Surveillance (CCTV) of all hallways, monitored directly from our tech and infrastructure departments.
  • Alarm system connected directly to the police and firefighting departments.