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Smart Hosting Free
Forever! (as long as the domain is with us)
  • 1GB SSD disk
  • 1 Email accounts
  • 1 FTP accounts
  • 1 MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Unlimited traffic*
  • SSL and TLS Free
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3 y 7.4
Smart Hosting + Custom
$1.98  /month
GB SSD disk
Email accounts (4GB)
FTP accounts
MySQL (MariaDB)
For 1 site
Unlimited traffic*
SSL and TLS Free
PHP 5.6, 7.X, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2
Let's Encrypt

ALL Hosting Plans include a FREE SSL/TLS Let's Encrypt certificate for both web and mail!

If you have a Free Hosting and require more resources, you can easily migrate to a Custom Hosting.
The number of Free Hostings is limited to a maximum of 5 per customer.

Smart Hosting. The hosting of the future.

Our servers have Smart Hosting technology, which automatically optimizes and adjusts your website to make it faster and be among the first results in search engines. It doesn't matter if you have made the website, if it is WordPres, PrestaShop, etc. Our Smart Hosting instantly optimizes the loading speed and TTFB. You don't have to change anything on your website.

Smart Hosting +

Your web faster than a rocket with Custom Hosting, which you can adjust to your liking. Do you want to try it?

Growth and visits on your website without limits

Unlimited traffic

You will be able to upload everything you want to the server and have as much data traffic as you want without any worries about data traffic consumption.

Flexible, scalable and adaptable

You can change your hosting plan at any time. If your project grows, so does your plan. Plus, no permanence and no obligations.

HTTP2 and FPM technology

You will have a much faster website and get a better SEO positioning. Google will give you the first positions in searches.

SSL for your Hosting

Includes free SSL certificate. Give confidence to your customers and improve your Google ranking. Also with free TLS for email.

Mobile IMAP mail and Webmail

You will be able to use your email on your mobile and computer, and have your data synchronized. In addition, you will have a Webmail, the mail wherever you go.

Spanish IP, improve SEO

In addition to using technology to optimize your website, we have a Data Center located in Spain. Ideal to improve your position in Google.

Discover the free upgrades you get with SW Hosting

24x7 Attention and Support

You can count on us 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are here, by your side, to help you in everything you need. We don't sleep so that you do.

Without permanence

Our Hosting is the best in the world and we are convinced that you will stay with us for many years: We will not hold you back with permanence, you are free to leave.

Migration tool

A complete wizard, available in our control panel, SWPanel, that will allow you to migrate with total simplicity, all the content you have in your old provider.

Your website protected

You will have a new generation protection system. In real time it will analyze all the traffic of your Web to protect you from attacks, malware, data theft or manipulation of your Web.

Advanced Security Systems

Your Web and data protected 100% of the time with our AntiDDoS Protection systems. New range of Firewalls that will protect you from hackers; Layer 7 Firewalls and Layer 4 Firewalls. A new dictionary attack blocking system that prevents attempts to access your private part of the Web and ensures the security of your Wordpress administration section.

Daily backups

Every day we will make a copy of all the data of your web, and you will be able to recover them with a history of up to 15 days. The security of your data is important to us.

GDPR and Data Protection

We comply with all legal obligations. Data in European territory, ISO 27001 Certification, PCI DSS, RGPD compliance and custody of logs in compliance with the LSSI. Certificates of data location for RGPD and data destruction in case of cancellation of services. With us you will comply with the law and you will have peace of mind.

Latest PHP versions

Higher performance and more security with the latest PHP versions. PHP 8 now included in Smart Hosting Mini, Standard and Advanced plans. New features and faster than previous versions. The most popular CMS like WordPress and Prestashop are developed with PHP, with the new version there are great improvements in security and performance, making the Webs twice as fast.

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(as long as the domain is with us)


DNS Records 10 Unlimited*
Domain aliases Unlimited* Unlimited*
SSL Certificate for Web (Free)
Faster and optimized web
Domain redirection
PHP Versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 5.6, 7.X, 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2
Intelligent Web optimization system Smart Hosting Smart Hosting
Optimized automatic caching of Web objects Smart Hosting +
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(*) It is understood "unlimited", the non-limitation of this variable of the service, but it is always established based on a reasonable use of the same. SW Hosting reserves the right to block the excessive overuse of the service.

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