cloud-privatScalability, performance and availability are the main reasons why everyday more and more companies are migrating to Cloud infrastructure. However, just like with any other server, a Cloud server’s proper functioning will always depend on its usage and the workload it has to support in relationship to the amount of allocated ressources.

These are the most important rules that you’ll have to keep in mind when deploying your Cloud server:

2. Keep CPU usage low

To achieve optimum performance it is necessary that your server’s CPU load stays below 30% most of the time. Not only does this practice keep an additional 70% of CPU capacity available for sudden load spikes but it also ensures that your are receiving maximum performance. Keeping CPU usage too high for too much time is the primary reason for performance issues, errors or server downtime.

2. Provision enough RAM

Just like with CPU, provisioning insufficient RAM may result in a decrease of your server’s performance. However, to find out when it’s necessary to increase RAM it’s not enough to look up its usage on your control panel’s monitor. Modern operating systems tend to allocate nearly all available RAM memory even if it’s not being used, making it seem as if there was a constant load.

To find out if you need to increase you Cloud server’s RAM provision you need to look at the SWAP memory instead. Having a constantly high SWAP memory usage is a good indicator that it’s time to increase available RAM.

3. Anticipate increased workload

One of the main advantages of Cloud servers is their scalability. In your control panel you’ll find a real time ressource monitoring tool that’ll help you study your server’s daily load and program in advance the times and days in which your Cloud should automatically resize itself to face this increased demand. Automatic resizing is an especially useful tool to help make a more efficient use of ressources and save costs while still guaranteeing that your server will excel at its intended task.


4. Customize your Cloud

The best way to get most out of your Cloud server is by customizing it and adjusting its ressources to the specific needs of each situation. There is no one size fits all rule to predict exactly how many ressources should be provisioned as each company and project face different needs. However, from your SW Panel we offer you the possibility of customizing your Cloud instances at any time, allowing you to instantly increase or reduce CPU, RAM, HDD space, IPs, and Bandwidth.

5. Don’t hesitate contacting our free help desk

Last but not least, remember that you can always count with our support team’s professional assistance. As a SW Hosting customer you’ll be able to do so directly from the support wall in your control panel without any additional cost.

Follow this advice to optimize the performance of your Cloud Server and improve your performance / cost ratio. While Cloud servers stand out for their scalability and greater customization, only with a well thought and planned usage can one benefit from their advantages.