More than 2,000 m² of its own facilities

The most modern Data Centers to offer you the most current Hosting and Cloud solutions.

Know the values of SW Hosting


We hate fine print just like you do. That's why our services have no permanence and we only promise you what we can deliver.


Using a hosting should not be your second job. We aim to offer intuitive and easy to manage services for any user.

Servants by vocation

We will respond to your inquiries through our support wall at no additional cost to you. We will respond within minutes.

Technology and maintenance

We spend a lot of time keeping our platform up to date, ensuring that the best features on the market are at your fingertips.

Dedication to safety

We are committed to protecting your data and your privacy with physical, logical and permanent human supervision measures.


All our clients are important. We will treat you with professionalism, diligence and respect, whatever the service you have contracted.

Attention to detail

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we already know what the ideal data center looks like. This is why we can guarantee you the best technology and infrastructure.

Specialized rooms

We have 2 fully equipped rooms with the best technology, security systems, access control and management of air conditioning, humidity and energy.

24x7 Operations Center

Everything watched and monitored 24x7. Engineers take care of the good performance of our Data Centers. Here your data is always guarded and protected.

More than 2,000 m² of own facilities and Data Centers in Spain, Germany and USA

Tier III+ Data Centers designed to meet the highest quality and availability requirements. We have applied a philosophy based on creating practical, modern, easy to build, repair and expand facilities.

The most modern Data Centers to offer you the most current Hosting and Cloud solutions.