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Register or transfer your domain securely and in a few seconds. We are ICANN accredited registrars. Total quality guarantee!

Everything we include for free with your domain

Everything you need to manage your domains easily and worry free. Between our support, discounts and self-renewal, we present a truly useful platform for your domains.

Free 24/7 support

Doubts or problems? You can always contact us. Your domains are important and will receive maximum attention.

Automatic renewal

Do not worry. Forget about renewing a domain on time will no longer be a problem with our free self-renewal service.

DNS Management

Define your own hostnames / DNS servers or use our own. You will be able to use your domain name with complete freedom.

Management Panel

Managing your domain, contacts, renewal, DNS servers or administration permissions is easy with our renewed and very intuitive control panel.

The best discounts

If you are already a client of SW Hosting you will always have access to all our discounts, renewal and also domain transfer.

Free Hosting

Free hosting forever, as long as the domain remains with us. Without advertising and with Databases so you can install your Wordpress or PrestaShop.

Do you have many domains?

In SW Hosting we specialize in managing large domain portfolios, do you want to know why?
New Domain API

New Domain API

You will have a modern RESTful API so you can manage your domains easily and integrate it with your own tools or your own website.

Reseller Control Panel

Reseller Control Panel

You will have a white label Control Panel where you can manage your domains and give access to your customers to manage theirs

The best possible price

The best possible price

If you are a reseller, you are a VIP client: Check our VIP rate, you will see that it is the best in the market. The best registration, renewal or transfer prices.

No tricks at all

No tricks at all

We are transparent, we give you the best prices, the best tools and we do not force you to anything. We are sure that it will be you who will decide to stay with us for many years.

We are accredited registrars of the international organization of ICANN domains.

We are accredited registrars of the international organization of ICANN domains.

You need an SSL certificate?

Convey trust and allow your visitors to safely browse through your website. The SSL / TLS certificates protect your website from identity theft and allow you to encrypt all data traffic in order to send and receive private or confidential information.

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You need an SSL certificate?

Can I add hosting plans to my domains?

We will offer you many additional advantages if you add a hosting plan to your domain. Do you want to know why you should also have your hosting with us?
Without permanence

Without permanence

We want our customers to stay with us for the quality of our services, for having the best 24x7 support and for having the best prices in the market. That is why you will not have permanence or penalizing contracts. You will stay with us because we are the best!

The best technology

The best technology

We are the only provider in the world that can offer you Smart Hosting. Our smart hosting will adapt and optimize, making your website faster and safer. No matter how you have done it, it will be faster and better.

Daily backups

Daily backups

We will make, free, every day, backup of your website, with a historical of 15 days. The security of your data is important to us. We will also keep, and free, for 1 year, all your logs to comply with all Data Protection laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to frequently asked questions about our domains

A domain is a name that identifies your brand on the Internet. For example, our domain is "".
The domain is composed of a name and an extension, separated by a dot. The extension is the characters that appear after the dot and explain the type of domain, which can indicate a geographical area or a type of activity. For example, .es means Spain, and .com, commercial activity.
The registration of a domain is always immediate, regardless of the extension. However, depending on the extension it can take up to 24 hours to be operational at the DNS level (i.e., that the web and mail work).
Yes of course. It is even recommended to protect the name of your project or company on the Internet.
There are several reasons why register the same domain name in several extensions (.com, .es, .cat ...). We expose some of the most important reasons:

  • Access specific markets through the extension and even customize your brand depending on the market. For example, if you would like to be in the Spanish market it is essential to have a .es domain, or if you would like to be in the Catalan market, the .cat domain. You can have different contents in each of your domains.
  • Attract more traffic to your main website. You can redirect the queries of your domains with other extensions to your main website.
  • Your potential customers can access from different domains so you could have more visits.
  • Prevent your competitors from using your name. If you leave a domain with an extension with your name, someone else could use it and you would lose visits.
If you already have a domain, you can locate it in the accredited registrar that you want and you are free to change the provider whenever you want.

  • If your domain is .es, you will only need access to the administrative contact's email to be able to transfer it.
  • If your domain is .com, .cat or another generic extension, we will ask you for a code called "Authcode". This code must be provided by the current registrar of your domain and it is essential for us to make the migration. This authcode can usually be obtained in the control panel of your current registrar.
And remember that you do not have to wait for the domain to expire in order to change provider, you never lose expiration days. Of course, you cannot transfer the domain if you registered it less than 60 days ago.
Very easy! Just by hiring us a Cloud server you will have access to our VIP prices, benefitting from the biggest discounts on registration and renewal prices.
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