MultiCloud: Web+Mail+BD

Distribute the services (web, email and DB) of your Hosting plans between different Cloud servers to ensure maximum speed, performance, scalability and continuity of service.

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A system based on logic and simplicity

Cloud for Web

A Cloud server with 2 vCores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD disk and unlimited traffic. Designed and prepared to serve Webs in a much faster and more efficient way. Designed to manage caches and SSL certificates intelligently.

It will only handle Web services, FTP connections and primary DNS.

Cloud for Mail

A Cloud server with 2 vCores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD disk and unlimited traffic. Designed and prepared to improve the efficiency and security of your email communication. Includes POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP services.

It will only take care of the email management of your webs

Cloud for BD

A Cloud server with 2 vCores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD disk and unlimited traffic. Designed and prepared to obtain the best performance and the best access speed to all the databases that use your Web pages.

It will only take care of the management of the databases of your websites

Cloud technology designed for demanding environments

Simple and powerful API
The new Domain and Cloud API is now available to all our customers and components of our DevOps Family. Our JSON RESTful API is incredibly easy to use and gives you full control of your services and servers.
  • vCores
  • RAM
  • SSD disk
  • Unlimited traffic

All that we include with your Clouds

24x7 Support

Questions, problems? You can always contact us. Your services are crucial and you will receive our full attention.

Firewall Capa 4

Your Cloud server is always protected with our Layer 4 physical perimeter firewall that you get for free.


Everything under control. Your Cloud server will be monitored and with automatic alerts in case of incident.

Unlimited traffic

No monthly traffic limit, use as much as you need, with no additional cost for excess traffic.


Protect your data with our automatic backup service. Recover your files whenever you want.


Keep accurate copies of your Cloud Server status - restoring them will be like going back in time!

App installer

Choose from the most popular applications and install them automatically on your Managed Cloud server.


Know at all times the statistics of resource usage, traffic, load and much more of your servers.

Full Root access

We offer you full control of your Cloud server with Root access from the first moment you have it.

Private VLAN and Free AntiDDoS

At SW Hosting we keep improving the security of our products and offering improvements to our customers. In this case, we offer a free AntiDDoS mitigation security service to all our Cloud product customers. A premium service that other providers offer for a fee. Our customers get it totally free of charge.

Manage your MultiCloud with our Control Panel

SWPanel 2023

You will be able to perform all your management from a single place and access hundreds of features to manage your MultiCloud.

With no need for additional resources of vCores, RAM or disk to have SWPanel, it does not affect the performance of your server and has full remote control by independent and secure network.

Fully integrated

One tool to control everything. A single panel for all your services, no need to access other platforms or panels.

Designed for Resellers

Your management tool and that of your customers. It is 100% white label and 100% customizable. Integrate your Web with SWPanel and resell the services.

Support and Warranty

There are no third parties. So we can offer you the best support to solve any doubt, and the best guarantees for our control panel.

Continuous evolution

SWPanel evolves and learns with you. It adapts itself in real time to be faster and more agile. So it can offer you what you want and adjust to your needs.

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