The potential of our APIs

Internal development APIs so you can apply your own programming to our products. All the options we offer you from the panel, now integrable with your own programming

Our commitment to own APIs

API of Cloud Servers

With the new Cloud Services API you will be able to manage your Clouds with the advantages of being able to integrate the creation and modification of Cloud within your applications or systems, without depending on third parties.

List of Clouds created
Request the creation of a Cloud
List of available 1-Click Apps
List of available distros, OS
List of available Data Centers
Request the removal of a Cloud
Displays the details of a Cloud
Request the modification of a Cloud
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API for Domain Management

With this new Domain API you will be able to do, in an automated way, all the usual domain management, register, renew, transfer or make changes in the contacts.

List of managed domains and contacts
Check the availability of a name with several extensions
Displays the details of a domain and contact
Check the availability of a domain
Register and renew a domain name
Modify or transfer a domain
Domain Whois query
List of available legal forms
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How do our APIs work?

Our APIs use a RESTful interface with Bearer Token identification. This API uses standard HTTP methods to perform queries and operations, as well as allowing you to integrate the functions of our SW Cloud in the applications and services you want.

Why trust our APIs?



You will be able to manage your Clouds and Domains easily and integrate them with your own tools or your own website.



Our JSON RESTful API is incredibly easy to use and gives you full control of your services and servers.



At SW Hosting we continue to improve the security of our products and offer improvements to our customers.

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