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SW EasyWeb is a free software without advertising, which generates websites quickly and easily for any user. It has a very professional look and feel and adapts to all devices.

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What can you do with SW EasyWeb?

Customize color

Select a color that is associated with your brand identity from the wide range of color palettes we offer.

Select a cover photo

Find an image that identifies you. Hundreds of photos to choose from, grouped and sorted so you can easily find the image that best represents you.

Modify texts

Easily modify all web texts to express and communicate the message you want to convey to your web visitors.

Set up your Instagram gallery

As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". Include your Instagram gallery with just 1 click. Your website with your own portfolio.

Add your social networks

You can improve the positioning of your website and take the opportunity to add your social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Google Maps.

Adapt to multi-device

It looks perfect with all devices. From a PC, a tablet or a mobile. It uses the responsive system to adapt everything automatically.

See the gallery of examples created with SW EasyWeb

What does SW EasyWeb include?

1 E-mail account

You will have a white label Control Panel where you will be able to manage your domains and give your customers access to manage theirs.

SSL Certificate

If you are a Reseller, you are a VIP customer. Check our VIP rate and you will see that it is the best in the market. The best prices for registration, renewal or transfer.

Web generator

We are transparent. We give you the best prices, tools and no obligations. We are sure, that you will be the one who will decide to stay here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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