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You will be able to use the control panel you consider ideal to manage your Cloud, choose among the most popular ones: SWPanel, cPanel, Plesk, Vesta or CentOS WP. You choose!

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SWPanel 2024

Our own control panel, more powerful than ever and perfectly integrated into our platform. From a single place you can do all your management and access to thousands of features. To have SWPanel you don't need additional vCores, RAM or disk resources. It does not affect the performance of your server and has full remote control of an independent and secure network.

With license for 25 domains included.

Fully integrated

One tool to control everything. A single panel for all your services, no need to access other platforms or panels.

Designed for Resellers

Your management tool and that of your customers. It is 100% white label and 100% customizable. Integrate your Web with SWPanel and resell the services.

Support and Warranty

There are no third parties. So we can offer you the best support to solve any doubt, and the best guarantees for our control panel.

Continuous evolution

SWPanel evolves and learns with you. It adapts itself in real time to be faster and more agile. So it can offer you what you want and adjust to your needs.

More Control Panels that you can install in the Cloud


Open Source, free. The most popular for managing hostings, domains, mail and even configuration files. Includes Softaculous to install thousands of apps.

Free license included.


Plesk is a real heavyweight among control panels. It includes a large number of functionalities, and it stands out for being modular thanks to the "Plesk Extensions"

No license is included, you can buy it wherever you want.


The most widespread and popular control panel in the world. With a huge amount of functionalities and a well-designed user experience that guarantees its ease of use.

No license is included, you can buy it wherever you want.


A control panel designed for quick and easy server (dedicated and VPS) administration. It is effortless to use the SSH console if you want to do something.

Free license included.

Everything you have with your Managed Cloud

24x7 Support

Questions, problems? You can always contact us. Your services are crucial and you will receive our full attention.

Firewall Capa 4

Your Cloud server is always protected with our Layer 4 physical perimeter firewall that you get for free.


Everything under control. Your Cloud server will be monitored and with automatic alerts in case of incident.

Unlimited traffic

No monthly traffic limit, use as much as you need, with no additional cost for excess traffic.


Protect your data with our automatic backup service. Recover your files whenever you want.


Keep accurate copies of your Cloud Server status - restoring them will be like going back in time!

App installer

Choose from the most popular applications and install them automatically on your Managed Cloud server.


Know at all times the statistics of resource usage, traffic, load and much more of your servers.

Full Root access

We offer you full control of your Cloud server with Root access from the first moment you have it.

Free AntiDDoS for our customers

At SW Hosting we keep improving the security of our products and offering improvements to our customers. In this case, we offer a free AntiDDoS mitigation security service to all our Cloud product customers. A premium service that other providers offer for a fee. Our customers get it totally free of charge.

Compare the Control Panels we offer you

SW Panel





Hosting services management
DNS record management for domains
FTP account management
Web-based file management
Email account management
Mail alias management
Distribution list management
Directory permissions management
Error page management
Cron management
Database management
DSN access over Windows
MsSQL Server on Windows
Automatic installation of WordPress and Prestashop
Automatic installation of SSL certificates
Free Let's Encrypt Certificates
Comodo, Rapid SSL payment certificates
Domain registration
Hosting + Domain + Certificate
Multi PHP web hosting deployment
Infrastructure Management
Deployment of hosting services
Cloud server deployment
Auto-scaling of vCores and RAM for Cloud Servers
Deployment of Multicloud infrastructures
Cloud resource vertical scaling intelligence
vCores, RAM and HD management for Cloud Servers
Auto-scaling of vCores and RAM for Cloud Servers
Cloud resource vertical scaling intelligence
Snapshot management for Cloud servers
Template management for Cloud deployment
Backup management
Off-Server/Cloud Backups
Operating System Upgrades
Security, Firewalls and Networking
Creation of private VLans between Cloud servers
SSL VPN creation
Creation of IPSec VPN
Community Tools, Newsletters and Mailing
Creation of cloud storage service
Fail2Ban management
Management of local FW IP Tables
Management of perimeter FW, outside the server/Cloud
Layer 4 Perimeter FW or IPS
FW Perimeter Layer 7 or Application FW
Real-time analysis of attacks
Real-time attack graphics and maps
Reports and administrative formalities
Cloud server-level security reporting
Web-level SEO reporting
Custody of Server Logs
Domain registration, management and surveillance
Integrated management of balances, invoicing and payments
Administrative formalities
Support and ticket management
Reseller Management
White Label
Image/color customization
Reseller Web Login Integration
User management
User depth levels 10 1 1 1 1
Domain management APIs
Service management APIs
Permission management by users
Access profile management
Access by email accounts
Access by Hosting Service
Access by user
A single control panel for all services
One main user for all services

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