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Grow your business with Reseller Solutions.

Cloud hosting reseller solutions with high security and performance. They allow you to effectively manage your customers and grow your business. Plus, you get great benefits like automatic access to VIP domain plans and more.

Why become a SW Hosting Reseller?

After more than 25 years of working with resellers, we understand their needs. That's why we've created specialised tools to simplify the management of your services. Your customers can access white-label tools to fully manage their services. All our services and products are designed to guarantee quality and reliability at all times.

  • Access to VIP Rates
  • White Label Panel
  • Advanced Security
  • Administrative Facilities
  • Powerful Tools
  • Tailored Plans
  • High Speed & Performance
  • Guaranteed Availability
  • VIP Benefits for Resellers

SW Hosting Reseller, RESELLER in capital letters

You are a software developer, web developer, have a digital marketing company, an advertising agency, manage/resell hosting or VPS services

. You are the perfect target for our reseller network. We want to know you, know your project and help you by providing all our tools. We have been working with resellers like you since 1996, no one has as much experience in your needs as we do, and no one will offer you tools as well thought out and designed for businesses like yours.

. We know your core business because you are our core business. When you win, we win.

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Find your perfect Reseller plan

Choose one of our Reseller plans with great scalability of resources, total flexibility, white label, without permanencies and much more. They also have Cloud servers with All Flash disks and high performance CPUs. In addition, you can customize the server resources right now to get a plan that is best suited to your needs.

VIP benefits for our Resellers

Tailor- Made Projects

Our pre-sales team will help you prepare and analyze your customers' projects. Once ready, you will have them in your SWPanel to download or activate with a single click.

VIP prices

As a Reseller, you can enjoy VIP pricing with great discounts on domain name registrations and renewals. Benefit from transparent pricing and without permanence.

Premium Support Level 1

With the D25 and WHA Reseller plans, you get free Tier 1 Premium Support. We understand that service quality is critical to your business, that's why we guarantee the most demanding SLAs.

Not just words, but deeds

Use the form below to contact us. Tell us your needs, your problems, your project. SW Hosting will be at your side to help you grow. We are totally different from what you know so far, we are involved with your business, with your project and we will help you in everything you need.

. Contact us and ask for a free trial of our Cloud Hosting Reseller with SWPanel, attend our reseller trainings and you will see how a new world of possibilities will open up for your business.


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All in one place with SWPanel

With SWPanel, our control panel, you can manage all your activities and access a wide range of functionalities from a single interface. It also offers full remote control over an independent and secure network. Enjoy the many benefits and tools of SWPanel.

Real-Time Optimization

SWPanel evolves and grows with you. It adapts in real time to be faster and more efficient, giving you what you need, when you need it.

Completely Secure

Security is a priority for us, so you have multiple layers of protection for your data and your customers' data, as well as many other measures.

Total Control

You’ll have multiple tools to manage your business, from technical to financial. In addition, you will be able to manage it when and where you want.

Our business consultants work with you

We know how important your business is to you, how important it is to improve your productivity, the services you provide to your customers, and above all, your profitability. At SW Hosting we provide you with technical business consultants highly specialized in managing software development companies, web development, digital marketing, hosting resellers who will help you at any time to redesign your business and technical strategy to integrate SW Hosting Reseller solutions and take a step forward in your business and services. You will always be informed about all the tools and solutions we create for resellers, you will have access to unique versions of SWPanel and you will have powerful tools to improve your services, your customers and your business.

. Want to get started and don't know how? Fill out the form below and we will contact you to guide you through the process from minute 0. Thousands of businesses just like yours already trust SW Hosting Resellers solutions and tools.

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Our WHA:

For Resellers & Professionals like you

WHA (Web Hosting Administrator) is designed and intended for Resellers. You will be able to control the access of your customers and define the actions they can perform on your services. In addition, we integrate a philosophy of multi-service and different levels of access for you and your customers, with the option to customize it with your own brand.

  • Easily migrate all your customers
  • Manage your customers' accounts
  • Create customized hosting plans
  • With multiple security measures
  • Manage where and when you want
  • There are server statistics in real time
  • With system maintenance
  • With guaranteed availability

SWPanel is also:

For your Customers

Your customers will be able to perform all of their management from a single place with access to many features. In addition, SWPanel does not require any additional vCores, RAM or disk resources.

  • With free CDN and WAF from Cloudflare
  • Add/remove domains and subdomains
  • Configure and secure the email
  • Hassle-free backup management
  • Edit DNS records for domains
  • Monitor the website statistics
  • Efficient database management
  • With free support available 24/7

What do our resellers think?

Hear firsthand what our resellers think about our solutions and reseller tools. No one is better qualified to give their opinion than they are.

I have tried many reseller solutions, but SW Hosting surprised me. Their cloud servers are completely dedicated to my resources and needs. In addition, the Vlan and security tools they offered me were a great help.
Also, their technical and customer service is very professional and responsive, my experience with them has always been very satisfactory.

Pedro B.F.

SW Hosting Reseller

It has been more than 4 years since I started working with SWhosting reseller solutions and since then the growth of my customers has not stopped.
I have been able to offer advanced solutions at a very economical cost thanks to the tools that SWpanel provides me. It has also allowed me to reduce the cost of my hosting services and improve the quality of service I provide to my customers. It was a very wise decision.

Anna López

SW Hosting Reseller

Since I have been working with SW Hosting and their solutions for resellers, I have been able to better manage my customers, improve performance and gain great stability in my business.
Now I am very relaxed with my multiple cloud servers, with SWPanel's monitoring tools and with the security elements I can incorporate into the services I offer to my customers. Highly recommended.

Francesc Llach

SW Hosting Reseller

VIP technical support by engineers

Our priority is to help you make it all work, which is why our team of Reseller Support Engineers is available 24/7. Not only will you have the best tools and advanced cloud solutions, but we will also help you monitor your services and your business. We care about keeping your customers happy and providing the best service and solutions possible. That's what our Reseller Support team will do for you.

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Tools integrated in SWPanel

SWPanel is our control panel with all the tools designed for resellers built in. Here are some tips on what you can find in SWPanel specifically designed for reseller hosting.

Hosting Templates

Design and create hosting templates to specify the features and resources of your plans to match the needs of your customers. You can also upgrade your assigned plan to a higher plan with a single click.

Customised Access Profiles

Your SWPanel Reseller account comes with pre-defined access profiles for different types of users, such as Hosting Customers, Cloud Administrators, Financial Staff, and you can even create your own custom access profile to define permissions for any type of user.

Hierarchical User Management

Enable users with access to manage your Hosting or Cloud server services and organise a hierarchy where each primary user has control over subordinates who inherit the permissions defined in their access profiles.

Cloud Server Templates

Create templates for fast deployment of your Cloud servers, specifying operating system, hardware resources (number of vCores, amount of RAM and storage in GB), available bandwidth, monitoring type, perimeter security, snapshot creation and more.

Migration Tool for Hosting

Enjoy an integrated tool in your Reseller account, designed to facilitate the migration of web content, databases and emails from any existing Hosting management panel to your Cloud server with SWPanel.

Website Cloning

Use an existing website design hosted on your Reseller account as a starting point for your projects. With the ability to easily clone it, you can quickly deploy your new projects and then customise them according to each client's content and preferences.

Your Favourite Apps in 1 Click

Install one of our pre-configured applications such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop or Moodle on your Hosting service with a single click. You can also add free SSL certificates to ensure the security of your projects.

Scheduling Snapshots

Schedule the automatic creation of Snapshots of your web content and database. These can be used as backups to restore your website to the state it was in at the time the Snapshot was taken.

Customisation of Nameservers

Customise your DNS server names with a hostname of your choice (glue record) that corresponds to your organisation's or business's domain.

Control Resource Usage

Define individually for each of your customers' Hosting services the maximum value of hardware resources (vCores, RAM and storage) they can use in relation to the total available on your Reseller Cloud Server.

Performance Analysis

Ensure your website and email are working properly with automated analysis. Identify potential service issues and access detailed solutions for resolution.

Individual Performance Adjustments

Evaluate the performance of any website hosted on your Reseller Cloud server and customise the hardware resources available for the PHP programming engine, Nginx web server and advanced caching for both your website and its databases.

Take advantage of all the Guides and Tutorials

Learn new concepts and expand your knowledge of processes and best practices that you can immediately apply to your projects thanks to SW Hosting's guides and tutorials.

How to create an FTP account

FTP is the abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol. It is the means by which you can transfer your website or other files from your local computer to the Cloud space that you have with us (upload files), and vice versa. Create FTP user account Before (...)

E-mail address

What is an e-mail account? E-mail is a network service that allows users to send and receive messages over an electronic communication network, such as the Internet. E-mail systems are based on a store-and-forward model, so it is not really necessary (...)

Manage DNS records

SWPanel allows you to easily manage the DNS records associated with your service. To begin, access the dashboard of the service for which you need to manage DNS records. Enter the name of the service in the search field at the top and click: Next, g (...)

How to install Wordpress on your hosting

With our Hosting services you will be able to install WordPress in a matter of minutes: Install WordPress from SWPanel, step by step. Log in to SWPanel and go to the Dashboard of your Hosting service: 💡 Use the search engine at the top to quickly (...)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Reseller plans.

Who can be a Reseller?

Our Reseller plans are designed for web design or development companies. Although they can easily be used by other professionals, such as application developers or people dedicated to reselling hosting services and domains.

What advantages do I have as a Reseller?

Our Reseller plans combine the best Cloud Hosting technology, with a powerful White Label control panel and comprehensive management in one tool of all your services and customers.

The other great advantage is the prices. For us, a Reseller who trusts in our solutions deserves to have the best prices possible in everything he needs. To do this, we will automatically apply the VIP prices on domains, you will have SLSS certificates totally free and the best prices on the market in Cloud Hosting services dedicated and real for him and his customers.

How can I become a Reseller?

Very easy! Select any of the reseller plans that we offer on this page and in 2 simple steps you will be activated as a reseller and you will be able to start reselling hosting and domains to your customers.

In addition, if you have any doubts about our solutions for Resellers, please use the form below to send us all your questions.
Doubts about Resellers here

How do I manage and bill my customers?

All our Reseller plans allow the activation in SWPanel of a module called RHA (Reseller Hosting Administrator) that will allow you to create and manage your own Hosting plans on your dedicated Cloud infrastructure, bill these services to your customers and manage their payments. All this integrated, with white label, in SWPanel.

In addition, later we will have the RHA + version you will have an automated website that you can associate with your domain, so that your customers can hire your services directly from the Web. You will not have to do anything, we offer you templates that you will simply customise and you will have all the work done. Please note that the RHA module is still under development, we will let you know as soon as it is available.

The Reseller plans I see on the Web do not fit my needs, what should I do?

All of our Reseller plans are fully customizable to meet your needs.

On our website, we present pre-configured plans, which are usually the best standards to start with. However, you can customize your own plan from the same page to create a plan that best suits your brand or business. Also, once you have activated a plan, you can customize it to your liking from the control panel, the SWPanel. In addition, you have dozens of additional micro-services that you can activate on any of your plans as needed to improve their performance or increase the services or solutions you can integrate for your customers.

All our plans for Resellers with Cloud servers can grow up to 2TB of disk, 24 vCores, and 64 RAM.

I manage many customer hosting services, which Reseller plan is best for me?

If you manage many customer hostings services, we believe that the most convenient for you is the separation of all these hostings in different Cloud servers, in order to guarantee the redundancy of the service, the optimization and minimize the risks of having all your customers on a single Cloud server.

This solution is called multicloud.
Meet our MultiCloud Hosting

Have questions about our Reseller plans?

Fill in the form and our team will contact you to give you personal attention, answer all your questions, guide you to the most suitable plan for you and much more. If you decide to join, they will also guide you through the process of becoming a SW Hosting Reseller and welcome you with open arms.

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