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  • 2 vCores
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Flash disk space
  • Data traffic
Monthly billing is an estimate calculated by multiplying the hourly rate by the hours corresponding to 30 days.

Plans conceived and designed for professionals like you

Free 24x7 support

Our Resellers have 24x7 Premium support, personalized commercial attention, exclusive training and support.

VIP Pricing

Check our VIP rate, you will see that it is the best in the market. The best prices for registration, renewal or transfer.

Migration tool

A complete wizard that will allow you to easily migrate all the content you have in your old provider.

White Label

100% white label and 100% customizable. Your management tool and that of your clients, to be able to resell services.

User management

Create users and customers, control permissions, service plans and quotas. SWPanel is ideal for reselling shared hosting.

Access by user

Managing your hosting is even easier: e-mail accounts, DB, FTP, DNS, statistics, etc. Everything easier for your customers.

SWPanel & WHA: The best combination

WHA for Resellers like you

WHA (Web Hosting Administrator) is a control panel designed and intended for Resellers, which will allow you to manage the white label access of your own customers to perform the actions you decide on their services. WHA includes the same that WHM of cPanel or Plesk offers you, but we give it a twist and integrate it with a fully multiservice philosophy and with multiple levels of access for you and your customers, in addition, with your own brand, if you wish.

Migrate all your customers with ease
Manage your customer accounts
Create customized hosting packages
Customize the style (White Label)
Manages hosting packages and accounts
Server statistics
Basic system maintenance
Backup with a few clicks

SWPanel for your customers

SWPanel, our own control panel, is incredibly powerful and is perfectly integrated into our platform. Your customers will be able to perform all their management from a single place and access hundreds of features. No need for additional vCores, RAM or disk resources to have SWPanel. It does not affect the performance of your server and you have total remote control through an independent and secure network.

Publish a website
Add/remove domains and subdomains
Create e-mail accounts
Configure and protect e-mail
Edit DNS records for your domains
Check website statistics
Manages databases
Manages backups

VIP Rates on domain names

As a Reseller you will be able to enjoy VIP Rates. The prices are clear and transparent, without permanence or expensive renewals.

.com $10.70/year Renewal: $10.70/year
.net $12.14/year Renewal: $12.14/year
.es $4.95/year Renewal: $4.95/year
.cat $6.22/year Renewal: $19.18/year
.org $11.33/year Renewal: $11.33/year

The guarantees to trust SW Hosting


Premium Support Level 1

With Reseller D25 and WHA plans, you get free Premium Level 1 support. We understand that your business depends on the quality of the service and we will guarantee it with the most demanding SLAs.


Fully customised

With your SWPanel you can customise and adjust everything you want, whenever you want. If you have any questions, you can contact our specialists through the free support wall or through the free Premium Level 1 support.


Administrative facilities

You will have preference in all administrative and billing procedures, we will give you facilities for the payment and grouping of invoices. You will have exclusive tools to manage your invoices, costs and balances.


Tailor-made projects

Our pre-sales department will help you to prepare and study your customers' projects. You will have them available in your SWPanel to download or activate them with just 1 click. If your customer accepts it, it will be up and running in minutes.


Exclusive advantages

Access our exclusive benefits, corporate networking services, security solutions, balancing systems, intelligent and auto-scalable Clouds. Get ahead of your competition by having the latest before anyone else.


Penalty-free contracts

You will have all this without penalty contracts or commitments. We know that if we do it right you will be a Reseller for a long time. Our obsession will always be to do things in the best possible way. If you win, we all win.

More than 2,000 m² of own facilities and Data Centers in Spain, Germany and USA

Tier III+ Data Centers designed to meet the highest quality and availability requirements. We have applied a philosophy based on creating practical, modern, easy to build, repair and expand facilities.

The most modern Data Centers to offer you the most current Hosting and Cloud solutions.

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