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Hundreds of tutorials and step by step guides carefully written by our support team.

Free Support

FREE SUPPORT SW Hosting offers you a support department that will answer all your queries for free. In order to contact the support department, you must use the SWPanel tool. How does free support work? The SWPanel tool has a section where you can co (...)

Preferences of my SW Panel

You can define the preferences of the SW Panel by placing yourself over the name of your customer account, and in the pop-up menu you must choose the option Preferences of my SW Panel. 1. SW Panel language In the language configuration section you c (...)

Global Support

How do I activate Global Support in my customer account? To activate Global support, you first have to improve your customer account. Click on this link that indicates the actions to improve customer account. If you already have it improved, contin (...)

Main SWPanel Dashboard

What is a Dashboard? A Dashboard, in computing, is usually a control tool focused on monitoring operational variables. This means that it shows metrics that pertain to a certain area or specific activities. The indicators that are shown in a Dashboar (...)

I found a bug in the SW Panel

What is a bug? A bug, also known as software error, error or simply failure in computer slang. A bug then refers to a program that does not behave according to the intentions that it should meet, collapse or give errors. Can a bug affect me? A bug is (...)


What is a domain? Starting with the basic concept of a domain, we could say that a domain is the name that identifies a site in the network and that indicates its membership in a certain category, in short, a domain is basically the unique name that (...)


What is computer security ? Computer security or cybersecurity according to ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), is the protection of information assets, through the treatment of threats that put at risk the information that is (...)

SSL Certificates

What is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, it is a security protocol that makes the data transmitted between a server and a web user, and in feedback, travel securely encrypted and encrypted. A system of keys and mathematical alg (...)

Customer preferences and data

At the moment of contracting for the first time any of the services offered by SW Hosting, you register as a client and the data you have provided is stored in your client file. In each of the tabs of this file, you can later modify all the data exc (...)

Support Menu and Creating Tickets

At the moment a client accesses the SW Panel, he has access to the supports that the human team of SW Hosting can offer. This can be divided into several groups: Level 1 support Level 1 support is understood as the resolution of doubts and queries. N (...)

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