How to block access by country to your website through Nginx in your cloud with SWPanel.

GeoIP and Nginx In order to block access by country through your cloud server, we will use a Nginx module called GeoIP. The GeoIP module creates variables with values that depend on the IP address of the client, using the precompiled MaxMind database (...)

How to block access to your website by country with Cloudflare

How to add a website in Cloudflare To restrict access to your website by country from Cloudflare for free, you must first login to your Cloudflare account or register if you are not a Cloudflare user: Next, we will add our website by c (...)

Unblock in Fail2Ban the navigation IP of your website

All SWHosting servers have the Fail2ban automatic security system. This system analyzes the access attempts against the different services of the server (web, mysql, mail, etc.) and blocks an IP in case it exceeds the number of incorrect login attemp (...)

How to change the root password of your Server with SWPanel

The following manual refers to a Cloud with SWPanel as a management tool. To change the root password of your Server you will have to follow the following steps: Type in the SWPanel search engine the name of the Cloud server to manage and, once lo (...)

How to activate and use the Gestinable Fail2Ban on my Cloud with SWPanel

What is the Manageable Fail2Ban? The Fail2Ban system is an intelligent analysis system applied to your server that acts in a managed way, depending on the configuration you have applied, to restrict erroneous or illegal access attempts against your s (...)

New Generation or Layer 7 Firewall

What is a Next Generation or Layer 7 Firewall? It may also be called an Application Firewall or Next Generation Firewall. Layer 7 firewalls perform functions at the application level. This means that they will be able to perform functions on network (...)

Manageable Layer 4 Perimeter Firewall

What is a Firewall? A firewall, is a system that allows you to protect a server or a network of servers from intrusions coming from another network. The most common use is to protect your Internet network. How does a firewall work? A firewall works (...)

What is the UFW firewall and how to configure it in Linux?

In this tutorial we will explain in a simple and straightforward way how to configure the "ufw" Firewall for your Linux server. This way you will be able to easily configure the incoming connections you want to enable, being able to drastic (...)


What is Information Security ? Computer security or cybersecurity according to ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) is the protection of information assets, through the treatment of threats that put at risk the information that i (...)