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How to activate Cloudflare's CDN through SWPanel for your Hosting Service

SWPanel allows you to easily enable your Hosting service to be served by Cloudflare's CDN. A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of geographically distributed servers that accelerate the delivery of web content by bringing it closer to users. D (...)

How to adjust Cloudflare's CDN and cache settings

To adjust the Cloudflare CDN settings from SWPanel, first access the dashboard of your service: Then, in the "Available Upgrades" panel, click on the icon next to the button to activate "Cloudflare CDN": The following window wil (...)

How to manage Cloudflare's WAF security rules

To create WAF rules and restrict access to your Cloudflare CDN service from SWPanel, first access your service dashboard: Then, in the "Available Upgrades" panel, click on the icon next to the button to activate "CDN Cloudflare": (...)

How to create custom Nameservers with your domain

En caso de querer configurar "Glue Records" y generar NS alternativos a y u otro DNS, hay que seguir los siguientes pasos: info Para poder crear un Glue Record personalizado es necesario que tu dominio (...)

How to configure the DNS servers (Nameservers) of my domain.

For your domain to use SWHosting's DNS servers and point to your Web Hosting, you must follow the following steps, in case you use external nameservers, you can go directly to step 4: In the search engine at the top left of your SWPanel type the nam (...)

Modify 'hosts' file on Windows, Mac and Linux

In occasions when performing a migration, as well as in other circumstances, you will need to check the web content hosted with us, but keeping the server that your domain name is currently pointing to. This allows you to see that everything is worki (...)

Consult or modify PTR record

A PTR record allows reverse resolution, i.e. converting an IP to a host name, unlike the A record which converts from domain to IP. It is usual that to avoid fraud and spam, mail servers check that the IP that sends the mail has a PTR record. By defa (...)

Manage DNS records

SWPanel allows you to easily manage the DNS records associated with your service. To begin, access the dashboard of the service for which you need to manage DNS records. Enter the name of the service in the search field at the top and click: Next, g (...)

Basic concepts about domains and DNS records

What are DNS? From the moment a user types a domain in his browser, a series of internal requests are executed that end up translating the domain name into an IP address, which is the address of the server that hosts the web page. To have an IP addre (...)

External DNS configuration

What should I do to keep a domain in SW Hosting but point it to another service provider? To keep a domain in SW Hosting but point it to another service provider, it is necessary to change the DNS name servers (or "hostnames") of the domain (...)

Why do I need a Hosting Plan to manage my DNS Zone?

Let's start by explaining the basics about Domains, Nameservers, Hosting services and the function performed by DNS zones and records. A Domain is a unique name used to identify a web site on the Internet. It consists of the name, such as swmanuals (...)