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How to manage Cloudflare's WAF security rules

To create WAF rules and restrict access to your Cloudflare CDN service from SWPanel, first access your service dashboard:

Then, in the "Available Upgrades" panel, click on the icon next to the button to activate "CDN Cloudflare":

Create a new rule

The following window will open where we must go to the "Manage WAF" tab. Click on "Create new rule":

We must indicate a name for the rule.

We must indicate on which field of the request that the user will make to the web we want to filter, in this case, we will filter by the continent from which the request comes from.

We will choose the condition and finally the value that must be fulfilled.

Finally, the action to be taken by the firewall if the condition is met, in this case, we block it.

info Using the "and" and "or" operators you can concatenate several conditions within the same rule.

For example, to block two countries within the same rule, we will use the "and" conditional.

Manage a new rule

If you have already created rules, you can edit or delete them using the [...] menu: