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Modification of backups

Definition of backup by hosting Setup of backup by hosting. Indicate in the upper box of the SWPanel, the name of the server for which you want to manage the backup. Go to Save and recover my data > Backups > Backup Management (left menu) (...)

How to install the bacula client on my cloud without SWPanel

In this manual we will show you step by step how to install the backup agent 'Bacula'. This is an application that allows communication between your server and our backup server to perform and schedule backups for you. This manual assumes that you h (...)

How to activate backups of my Cloud server with SWPanel

1. What are backups used for? Having a backup plan defined will help you in several situations, for example, if there are changes in your website that, by programming error, make it go slower. Or, if your website has been hacked by hackers and they h (...)

Activate backups in my Cloud

SW Hosting's backup service will allow you to make copies to SWHosting's backup servers so that you can restore their content if necessary. Having a defined backup plan will help you in various situations, such as, for example, if there are changes t (...)

Restore a backup copy in my Hosting

Yes! We offer backup services in all Hosting modes, even in the free mode. In addition, it is activated by default, so you can recover your web or database data from the last 15 days. Do you need to recover a backup in your Shared Hosting service? Fi (...)

Restore a backup copy to my Cloud

The time has come. You have contracted the backup copy in case something happens... and it's time for data recovery! cta:cloud_app_swpanel_smart_d5 Procedure Inside your SWPanel use the search engine to find your Cloud, ours is called SWHosting Man (...)