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Restore a backup copy in my Hosting

Yes! We offer backup services in all Hosting modes, even in the free mode. In addition, it is activated by default, so you can recover your web or database data from the last 15 days.

Do you need to recover a backup in your Shared Hosting service?

First, access the dashboard of your Hosting service:

Access the Backup Management from the icon "Restore backup of this domain":

In this new window, choose the date from which you need to restore the backup. Then, check which directories and/or files you want to restore.

To restore files you must check the option Show the files in the copy to allow restoring files.

Finally, click Next.

Restoring a backup of a Shared Hosting service only allows you to restore by overwriting the restore, so you must accept the overwriting of the files and start the restore.

When you start the process you will be redirected to a new window where you will be able to see the status of the restore: