How to Import a SQL file into my Database in SWPanel with HeidiSQL

With SWPanel you can use the phpMyAdmin tool to access the management of your databases, such as exporting or importing them. Also, you can use any kind of MySQL/MariaDB database management application, such as HeidiSQL, which allows a much more powe (...)

How to open 3306 port in cPanel

In order to carry out a complete migration from another Hosting to SW Hosting, it is essential that port 3306, which corresponds to MySQL (database), is open. In the following manual, it will be shown how to open port 3306 in cPanel and allow access (...)

How to open port 3306 in Plesk

In order to perform a complete migration from another Hosting to SWHosting, it is essential that port 3306, which corresponds to the MySQL database, is open. In the following manual, we will show you how to open port 3306 in Plesk. 1. Once logged in (...)

How to import and export databases with phpMyAdmin

Importing the database with phpMyAdmin To import your web database to your new hosting in SWPanel you will have to follow the following steps: 1. First of all, you must access your SWPanel and in the top search window indicate the name of the hosting (...)

How to access phpMyAdmin from SWPanel

What is phpMyAdmin? PHPMyAdmin is a database manager. It is a tool used to manage (create, modify, delete...) any record of your databases through a web interface. How to access phpMyAdmin? You can access phpMyAdmin from your SWPanel, you just need t (...)

Error to establish a connection to the database in WordPress

When you consult your web page, the hosted code usually makes a connection to the database (hereinafter DB) to know what content should be displayed. This happens with dynamic pages (e.g. PHP), that is, the content is not always the same. Pages whose (...)

How to create a MySQL or MariaDB database

A database is a set of data belonging to the same context and systematically stored for later use. Any website that contains data that can be consulted through a search tool on the website itself or that allows data to be entered through a text form (...)
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