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How to create custom Nameservers with your domain

In case you want to configure "Glue Records" and generate alternative NS to dns3.swhosting.com and dns4.swhosting.com or another DNS, you must follow the following steps:

1. Register or transfer a domain to SWHosting. Remember that the domain must appear in your domain portfolio. In this case we are going to use the domain swmanuales.com.

2. Next, we must create the corresponding Hostnames. To do this, you can follow these steps:

2.1. From the main SWPanel Dashboard, you must go to the "Domains and SSL" -> "Domain Portfolio" -> "Hostsnames" section:

2.2. Once here, click on "Create Hostnames" and a window like the one below will open: Here you must specify the following information:

  • DNS Name -> subdomain_domain.extension (For example, ns1.swmanuales.com).
  • IP Host -> In this case, it would correspond to
  • Use by default -> We will specify if we want it to be primary or secondary DNS

Remember that you must create two hostnames, each one of them pointing to an IP of the DNS server that you want to resolve your domains.

3. Next, we must create the NS records in the DNS zone of the domain and change them to the name and IP of the hostnames that we have indicated in point 2:

3.1. Go to the Dashboard of your service. 💡 Remember that you can use the search engine above to quickly access a service.

3.2. To continue, you will need to go to the DNS Management section (located on the left side of your screen). Now, you will need to locate the NS records currently set up in your service:

3.3 Next, you will need to modify these NS records and make them match the hostnames we created earlier in point 2.

💡 To modify the values, go to the right menu ("...") and click on "Modify DNS Record".

A window like the one below will open, in which you will have to set this information:

  • Subdomain -> In case of making this change for the main domain, we will leave it blank.
  • Target Server -> For example, ns1.swmanuales.com
  • Host IP -> The IP corresponding to the Hostname created above.

❗ In order to continue, you must accept responsibility for the DNS zone modifications and click Save Changes.

3.4. Changes will be implemented soon. Please note that this process may take a few minutes. Also, DNS propagation, depending on the domain extension, could take hours to complete.

You can view the status of NS propagation through the following web page:


4. Finally, we must modify the NS of the domain. To do this, follow these steps:

4.1. From the SW Dashboard, go to the "Domains and SSL" section and then to the "Domain Portfolio" section:

Once here, and as shown in the previous image, you will have to open the right side menu ("...") and select DNS Data.

4.2. Then you will see that a window opens in which you will have to define the NS of the domain: Keep in mind that in DNS1 and DNS2 you have to specify the same names as the previously modified domain NameServers. These NameServers were modified in point 3.

To make this modification, simply click on Change DNS, then type the desired value and press the Enter key.

When you want to save the data, you must accept the responsibility of changing the DNS of the domain and select Save changes.