External DNS configuration

What should I do to keep a domain in SW Hosting but point it to another service provider?

To keep a domain in SW Hosting but point it to another service provider, it is necessary to change the DNS name servers (or "hostnames") of the domain.

To do this, the first step is to access the SWPanel. In the blue column on the left, go to Domains and SSL > Domain portfolio:

enter image description here

Within the Domain Portfolio you will be able to see all the domains you currently have registered. To the right of each domain you will find the drop-down ··· :

enter image description here

You must place the cursor over the ··· tab and in the right column, under Contacts and Hosts, you must select DNS Data:

enter image description here

A new tab will open where you will find the DNS name servers assigned to your domain. By default, you will have assigned the DNS belonging to SW Hosting. At this point you can modify them and enter the DNS of your other provider and finally, click on the green button DNS Data:

enter image description here

Finally, once you have entered the DNS records of your external provider, you must click on the checkbox I accept responsibility and finally on the green button to save the changes made.

We inform you that this change is not immediate, so it takes some time to propagate and that once the change is made, the servers of the other provider will be the ones who will decide about your service.

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