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How to activate traffic blocking by country for your Hosting service using SWPanel

The Traffic blocking by country option in a Hosting service allows you to restrict access by countries and continents to the users that connect to your website.

In this way, you will avoid receiving traffic that is potentially malicious or not of interest to you, favoring the server load and the response speed of the web site.

info This option is only available for Hosting services on a Cloud with SWPanel and Debian 11 or higher operating system.

How to activate the traffic blocking by country

To activate the Traffic blocking by countries in your Hosting service, access your SWPanel and, through the top browser, access the Dashboard of your Hosting service:

Then, from the "Available Upgrades" block, activate the "Traffic blocking by country" upgrade:

You must accept the activation of the "Traffic blocking by country" enhancement by clicking on the "Activate now" button:

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