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Restore default web directory permissions

In this manual, we will learn to reset the user permissions of any hosting directory recursively through the SWPanel.

However, before resetting user permissions, we must learn how the permission system works on GNU / Linux operating systems. We show you below:

Permission structure

In Linux directories, there are three types of permissions. These can be activated or deactivated in each file / directory for any of the three types of users that we will mention below:

  • Owner: Designated as the owner of the file / directory.
  • Group: group of users to which the file / directory belongs.
  • Other: any other user of the system.

Important: Keep in mind that when modifying a file or directory, with a user with administrative privileges, either through the console or through FTP / SFTP, when modified, it inherits the permissions of the user used. If a user has elevated permissions and modifies the file or directory, a user with lower privileges will not be able to access it.

Reset permissions with SWPanel

Access the SWPanel Dashboard and select Active Services Tree, in the blue left side menu.

Here you select the desired hosting.

To finish, click restore default permissions.