Change WordPress language

The automated WordPress installation will install WordPress according to the language you have configured in SWPanel, for example, if you have SWPanel in Spanish, WordPress will be installed in that language. However, the language can be changed once installed.

Access your WordPress content manager in Settings > General > Site language and you will see the available site languages.

If your preferred language is not in the list, you will have to modify a little bit the WordPress code. To do this, we must add the following line in the configuration of our "wp-config.php" file (file with the base configuration of WordPress).

define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

You can edit the file "wp-config.php" using an FTP client. You will find it in the folder "data/web/wp-config.php".

Go back to your WordPress content manager and go back to the language settings.

You should notice that you have more languages available for your WordPress:

Select the language you want and save the changes. These changes will be reflected immediately and you will see that the language of your WordPress has changed.

Our advice is to go back to edit the "wp-config.php" file and remove the added line (" define('FS_METHOD', 'direct'); "), leaving it as it was and, if you do not plan to install any plugin or theme, leave the permissions on read (RO) for the "wp-content" folder and write (RW) for the "wp-content/uploads" folder, this way you will keep your WordPress protected.

You can now enjoy WordPress in your favorite language!

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