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I found a bug in the SWPanel

What is a bug ?

A bug, also known as a software error, error or simply failure in computer jargon, refers to when a program does not behave as intended, crashes or gives errors.

Can I be affected by a bug ?

A bug is generated in the programming or in the design of the software and, at some point, it manifests itself to the user. Typical bugs can be:

  • Do not finish loading the page _(advice: check the Internet connection before).
  • Getting into an infinite loop or displaying an error page.

It is possible that you have ever been involved in a bug.

Can there be bugs in the SWPanel ?

Our Development Department works very hard to offer you the best in your SWPanel and to make it as efficient as possible. However, there can always be loose ends and there is a possibility that at some point you may encounter one.

Ok, I found a bug, how do I report it?

  1. Inside your SWPanel go to the Support tab, located at the top right in your SWPanel, and click on Free Support Wall. enter image description here enter image description here

  2. Once you see the box with the title "What can we help you with, start a conversation with support ", tell us the bug you have found. The more specific you are in your wording, the easier it will be to find and escalate it. For example, the steps you took to find the bug and the browser you used. Once you have indicated this, click on "Start conversation ".
    enter image description here

  3. When you are told that no items have been found for your query or it does not match what you have indicated, send us your report by clicking "Yes, start conversation ".
    enter image description here

  4. Once we receive your report, we will escalate it to our R&D Department, where they will solve it as soon as possible.
    enter image description here

Can I send improvement suggestions for the SWPanel through the Support Wall ?

Of course you can. Follow the same procedure as above by telling us your suggestion. We will take care of escalating it so that it ends up in good hands.