How to Activate Advanced Monitoring on my Cloud server with SWPanel and view its Dashboard.

Applicable to: Cloud with SWPanel Administration Panel.

While Basic Monitoring performs Pings against your Cloud, Advanced Monitoring goes further, monitoring the following services:

  • Ping
  • FTP service
  • DNS service
  • WEB service
  • HTTP monitoring
  • HTTPS monitoring
  • Monitoring for Apache
  • Monitoring for IIS
  • Analysis of 2 URLs
  • Content
  • Response time
  • MsSQL service
  • MySQL service
  • POP service
  • SMTP service
  • IMAP service
  • Connection up to 4 TCP ports
  • CPU usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk space / partitions

All this with just 4 easy steps from SWPanel.

1. Within your SWPanel use the search engine to find your Cloud, in our case it is called manuals, yours will have a different name. Once you find it, select it.

2. Next, we activate Monitoring Service in the Monitoring section, as indicated in the image:

3. We select Activate Advanced Monitoring in Cloud One.

4. If you agree with the price, press "Activate now"

Advanced Monitoring activated!!!

How to view the Advanced Monitoring Dashboard

Press the icon marked in the next screenshot.

This is the Advanced Monitoring Dashboard:

Active service checks: All services that are being monitored and their current status.

Period of time to analyze: You can choose between today, last week, last month and between two days.

You will have the following graphs:

  • Response time to the PING of the last week.
  • Response time to HTTP in the last week.
  • Response time to SMTP in the last week.
  • Response time to POP3 in the last week.
  • Response time to IMAP4 of the last week.
  • Maximum number of emails in the dispatch queue in the last week.
  • CPU Load Average for the last week.
  • Percentage of RAM memory usage for the last week.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through the Support Wall

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