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Configure SMTP for sending mail in PrestaShop

Once the PrestaShop installation is done, with a few simple steps you will have your email account integrated and configured. In this manual we explain how to do it.

Data required to configure SMTP in PrestaShop

The first thing is to have an existing email account and, on this account, you will need to know some specific data that you will need later.

  • SMTP Server: Assuming you are going to use an email account created in your SWPanel, follow these steps to find out which one it is. If you are using an account external to us, you will have to find/request this data from your current provider. SMTP is the name of the mail server, you can visualize it as follows:

1. Inside your SWPanel use the search engine to find your service, in our case manuals.com, yours will have a different name. Once you find it, select it.

2. First click on Service management and then on DNS management .

3. Save the name that you will find in the MX record, you will need it later.

  • SMTP username: It will be the email account that should send the email.
  • Password: The one you used to create the email account.
  • Encryption: None.
  • Port: 25

Steps to configure SMTP in PrestaShop.

Now you will have to configure sending via SMTP in PrestaShop:

1. Go to your website BackOffice

2. In the menu on the left, In the left menu, open the drop down menu above "Advanced Settings" and, in the submenu, choose "Email".

3. You will find something similar or the same as the following image. Depending on the version of Prestashop, the image may vary, but the data to ask for will be the same.

  • Use PHP's mail () function. Recommended in most cases Default option, but you will not use it since the PHP mail () function is disabled by default.
  • Set my own SMTP parameters. Only for ADVANCED users. This is the option you you will have to choose to configure SMTP sending in PrestaShop.
  • Never send emails (can be used for testing). Option for testing while the page is under development.

4. Choose the second option. In this case a form will be displayed where you will have to enter the data of the account you will use for SMTP sending.

5. Fill in with the data obtained at the beginning of the manual. The field where it indicates "Domain for emails" or "Domain name for email", is a field that can be left empty and does not affect the sending of emails. Once you have configured the SMTP email, click on Save.

6. You can do a "Email Configuration Test". Where it says "Send a test email to" type the email address you want to send a test email to and check if the configuration is correct.

7. If you have received the test email, it means that everything is set up correctly.