How to fix eai_noname error in FileZilla

1. What is the EAI_NONAME error and when does it appear?

The EAI_NONAME error in FileZilla is an error you may see when trying to connect to a server that does not have an FTP server or when FileZilla cannot resolve the server name to its IP. One of the most common reasons would be that you are using the name as the server name. Another reason would be that you are using an intermediary server or proxy to connect against the server. This happens when using Cloudflare or another type of CDN.

2. How to fix EAI_NONAME error

There are several possible solutions to this error, which are discussed below:

  1. Change Host name to IP address

Since the domain name cannot be resolved, you can directly use the IP of your server. There are several ways to find out the IP of your FTP server. To do it from SWPanel, go to the dashboard of your Hosting service. Once there, click on Service Servers in the blue side menu.

enter image description here

Locate the FTP section where you will be able to see the IP assigned to your FTP server.

  1. Create a DNS CNAME record for

If you are trying to connect through and you get the error EAI_NONAME you should check that it is created in your DNS zone. To do this, go to the dashboard of your Hosting service. Once there, click on Service ManagementDNS Management.

enter image description here

You must create a CNAME record pointing to the IP of your FTP server.

If you need more information on how to manage your DNS records you can consult the manual Manage DNS records.

If this does not work and you have a proxy configuration such as Cloudflare CDN, the best option is to disable the proxy temporarily. Afterwards, check if by disabling it you can connect via FTP to your server.

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