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How to redefine a service in a Cloud

The option to redefine a service in a Cloud allows you to change a Hosting of your Cloud, either Redirected Web Hosting or Mail to any other Cloud that you have in the Tree of active services of SWPanel.

If you only have one Cloud, you can hire another one following the instructions in the following manual:

Create new Cloud

This function also allows you to split your service in a modular way, for example, if you have a Cloud with all the services and you contract two new Clouds (one for the database and one for the mail) you will be able to modify the current hosting to use the database and/or the mail in a specific Cloud.

Important! When redefinition of services is performed, it does not migrate CHROOT users, statistics/awstats or PHP customizations.

  • To start, you have to go to the main Dashboard of SWPanel and locate the Hosting service you want to redefine in the search engine located at the top of the SWPanel and select it.

    - Captura 1 (acceso al servicio)

  • Once in the Dashboard of our Hosting service, you must click on the icon at the top where the text "Click to change the Cloud servers assigned to this service or the type of Hosting plan" is displayed.

    - Captura 2 (acceso al menú)

  • Once you are in the section to change Hosting plan, on the left side, you have to choose the Cloud where you want the selected service to be (Web Hosting, Redirected or Mail).
    In the case of Web Hosting, in the "Distribution of services between servers" section, you will have the option to assign the mail and/or database to the Cloud you want.
    Once the configuration is complete, click Next.

    - Captura 3 (Definir)

  • In this section you have to formalize the new configuration. Once reviewed, you have to click on Accept and formalize.

    - Captura 4 (formalizar)

Important! We recommend that before starting the process of redefinition of the Hosting service you configure your web in maintenance status, so that there are no modifications at the file level or in the database during the period of time necessary for the redefinition of the service between your servers.

Important! When redefining the services, if you have activated the backups, these are lost, so we recommend that you make a backup copy locally. Once the redefinition is finished, you have to re-enable the backup in the service.

Important! When redefining services, the service will automatically change the DNS to point to the redefined service so that no modifications can be made to the source site.

Important! The source data is deleted after 5 days so we recommend to review the redefinition once it is done.

  • Once formalized, the SWPanel will start to perform the redefinition and the following message will appear in the Tree of active services: "This service is being prepared, wait a few minutes..." in your service.

    - Captura 5 (estado en redifinición)

  • Once the service redefinition process is completed, the message "Your Hosting Plan is being changed" will disappear and you will be able to manage it normally through the [···] icon.

    - Captura 6 (estado finalizado)