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6 Months of Free Hosting for Sant Jordi

by SW Team

Spring has arrived in all its splendour: good weather, trees in bloom and the much awaited Day of the Book and the Rose, known in Catalonia as Sant Jordi (Saint George's Day). In honour of this festivity, we have prepared a special offer for our customers. During this week, you can enjoy our Mini, Standard and Advanced Hosting plans FREE FOR 6 MONTHS! Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate with us and take your online presence and visibility to the next level.

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What should I do?

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Now that everything is clear, we are going to explain the origin of the Sant Jordi festivity and the legend that goes with it.

Origin of Sant Jordi and its legend

Here we will explain you the origin of this festivity called Sant Jordi, in which in Catalonia the streets are filled with roses and books to be exchanged as symbols of love and friendship. We will also explain the legend behind the festivity.

The festivity of Sant Jordi is celebrated in Catalonia on April 23rd in honour of a knight with the same name, who was martyred and beheaded for refusing to persecute Christians under the orders of Emperor Diocletian. He soon began to be venerated as a martyr and his figure became the subject of stories and legends.

The tradition of celebrating Sant Jordi dates back to the 15th century, when roses began to be sold in the streets of Barcelona. Couples, marriages, family members, among others, purchased roses to give as a gift.  Over time, this holiday has become one of the most important in Catalan culture, and is still celebrated with great energy and passion.

The connection between Sant Jordi and books dates back to 1926, when the Valencian writer Vicent Clavel i Andrés proposed the idea of having a day dedicated to books, specifically in honour of Cervantes and Shakespeare, both of whom died on April 23, 1616. Later, in 1930, this idea merged with the Catalan tradition of giving roses, resulting in the famous Day of the Book and the Rose in Catalonia.

Over the years, due to the strong impact of this celebration, in 1995 the General Conference of UNESCO declared Sant Jordi's Day, April 23, as World Book and Copyright Day.

The origins of this festivity are a mixture of history, legend and tradition. From its origins in the sale of roses in Barcelona to its evolution into the Day of the Book and the Rose, this festivity is full of meaning and emotion for the people of Catalonia.

Now, speaking specifically about the legend, it tells that, in a small town in Catalonia, there was a terrible dragon that terrorized the population. To calm his anger, the inhabitants gave him their cattle to satiate him, but when he ran out, they had to give him their maidens. One day, by lot, it fell to the king's only daughter. For this reason, the king made an appeal informing all his people that whoever managed to kill the dragon, would have the hand of his daughter.

At that moment appeared Sant Jordi, a brave knight, who faced the dragon armed only with his sword and his bravery. After a hard fight, he managed to defeat the dragon and free the princess. In the place where the dragon's blood fell, red roses came out, which Sant Jordi gave to the princess as a symbol of love.

This story has been passed down from generation to generation and has become one of the most popular legends of Catalan culture. For this reason, this celebration is an opportunity to remember this story of courage and love, as well as to give roses and books as symbols of affection.


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