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A bet more for Cybersecurity

by SW Team

In the technological world all areas intersect and mix at one point or another. Apart from the fact that the connected world is already globalized and claims that everything is interrelated, within the technological sector we find that we lack qualified professionals to cover all the workplaces that come out day after day and are offered.

What happens when the same people are always there wherever you go in the field? Well, the discourse of the leaders becomes THE discourse: unique, repetitive and even lacking in meaning ever. And so that this does not happen, what can we do from the companies? Educate.

How to teach your employees to act in front of a breach of computer security?

Educating is a very difficult task, because you do not want to seem the only agent with the unbreakable reason in a subject but you can not sit idly by when there are wrong answers to some challenges, problems, concerns raised inside and outside the world. That is why instructing a new subject makes the task doubly difficult. There are no guidelines, red lines that limit to where it is enough not to go over or entangle more the "newbies" that are being introduced in the area.

We talked about the service recently launched SW Cybersecurity. A product that combines the extensive experience of our human team, state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced data analysis and machine learning techniques to achieve a single objective: to build a true IT strength for your business. But we do not want to close our own products, technology does not allow it. We must want to train our customers, present and future, so they are autonomous enough to know how to distinguish between technological innovations, good talks or charlatans that emerge in the sector.


Networking is important to get to know and connect with other companies / people that can help you make a difference. And more than networking it is interesting to have a network of contacts, acquaintances and friends that can be supported, both in their technologies and in their discourse. To reach more people but to get better.

An event that is taking place just these days, and that is becoming a reference in the dissemination of cybersecurity, is the OverDrive Hacking Conference. A meeting of specialists in computer security in our city to which we have to be grateful to have stayed here and to be growing year after year. In it you will find from conferences of excellence in the world of cybersecurity to practical hacking workshops and spaces dedicated exclusively to practice various elements on security.

Another example of innovation that supports the conviction that together we are stronger is the Cybersecurity Tech Accord agreement signed by more than thirty companies in the technology and cybersecurity sector with the aim of coping with cybercriminals.

And this is what we mean by educating people, because it is not about changing mentalities "because I say so", but about shaping ways of doing things together and jointly moving towards a more intelligent society, informally speaking in this case.