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Blue Monday at SW Hosting

by SW Team

The 16th of January 2023 is the saddest day of the year, also known by the famous name of Blue Monday.

As we don't want to see you sad, we have thought of a way to cheer you up on this strange day. So, we decided to make you a special promotion of 60% discount on all our Hostings. The exception is the Free Hosting, because as the name says, you don't spend anything and it's a good way to see if you like our hosting.

Another joy for you, you have all this week, from Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd of January 2023, to take advantage of this offer.  If afterwards you are not convinced or you don't like the hosting plan, don't worry, we remind you that there is no permanence with us, you can quit whenever you want, without any penalty.

It needs to be clarified that this particular offer applies to one hosting per customer. If we see that you are very enthusiastic about this type of offer, we will consider if we will discard this limitation.

What is the origin of Blue Monday?

Now on another topic, where does all this Blue Monday come from? Actually, the theory of this day doesn't have much of a scientific basis about why it is the saddest day of all, but the origin goes back from a formula created by a psychologist from Cardiff University, Cliff Arnall.

This formula is [C+(D-d)]TI / MNa. The letter "C" of the formula indicates the weather factor, "D" indicates the debts during the Christmas holidays, "d" indicates the money acquired in January, "T" is the time since the Three Magic Kings went to the East. Then the "I" is the period since the last attempt to give up bad habits, but which was unsuccessful. The result of all this should be divided by "M", which represents the level of motivation, multiplied by "Na" which indicates the need to do some activity.

Incredible as it seems, the idea of using this formula/pattern came from a travel agency, more specifically Sky Travel. This agency asked the psychologist Cliff Arnall to investigate "what is the best day to book a holiday", and out of this research came this peculiar formula and the reason why we associate the third Monday of the year as the most depressing of all.

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