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Build your own Cloud

by SW Team

Before to hiring some system, you ought to see what your needs are. Firstly, we can resolve any doubts about why to choose a Cloud server but not a VPS or maybe to know when we must choose the dedicated one.

- VPS: VPS is hosted on a single physical machine; this service divides the physical machine into multiple virtual servers. The client has exclusive access to their VPS, basic management tools and service with fixed payment each month.

The VPS cannot give 100% guarantee the proper functioning if you don't have memory enough. There is the possibility that the server keeps blocked, shutdown or continue operating in case of having resources of another VPS.

- DEDICATED: you have full server and pay for the entire, not just for a part. On dedicated servers hard drives can be made redundant with RAID. It is necessary to have several servers to divide the charge of your website. The solution may be a dedicated server in the Cloud. This may be accompanied by a dedicated firewall, local cache with CDN and/or storage solution.

- CLOUD: There are different ways to classify Cloud service, for the exclusivity of the private Cloud platform, public one, or Cloud Storage, the level of services that offers IaaS, PaaS or SasS.

The service is based on an infrastructure that completely abstracts to the physical hardware, offers advanced management tools and it is invoiced for actual consumption of resources. The SW Cloud is based on IBM technology housed in high-end V7000 cabins; connectivity to the network and Internet functions through of Juniper EX3300 switchs with VirtualChassis, all replicated and redunded and with balanced hardware and high availability.

The Cloud server is tolerant of hardware errors. They use virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM that are the best to emulate the behavior of a physical server. A Cloud server has assigned CPU/RAM resources real and dedicated.

The Cloud offers more advanced management tools. It allow us to access to the console, resize server in real time, add disks or assign IP addresses.

On the other hand, we want to underline other features of the Cloud as the geographic balancing of charge, switching for error, automatic extension, redundant DNS, etc..

And finally, financially, the term of Cloud implies the reduction or elimination of investments in computer systems.

The Cloud server is the most advanced service for any ambitious project.


We can help you to choose the most suitable option for you. We are consultant's for infrastructure, web applications, security, performance and status of services, compliance of the LOPD, among other topics.

The personalized service offered by our staff from their headquarters is one of the added values. We have the management department, technical, systems, development, commercial, communication, graphics and design, and even R&D.

• Consulting and Analytical Study

We act as an information technology provider. We make analysis studies to cover all possible options. SW Hosting will provide the solution that best adapts to your needs.

• Development

After the analysis and study of your case, we will respond to the technological needs that will provide you the best solution and service. We have a team dedicated to the software development day by day.

• Infrastructure

The company is characterized by its modern facilities and the latest equipment in order to provide the best Internet services. Use the most pioneering equipment to ensure the highest quality of service. Customers and business partners enjoy some unmatched advantages of service and price.