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Cloud Server Dedicated: What resources size?

by SW Team

We have talked many times about how the Cloud is going to revolutionize the hosting service, how much better it is and many of its features. The most difficult thing to explain when evolving is to make understand the justifications of the change.

In this last sense we have also seen more than once the differences between the previous technology, the VPS in this case, and the Cloud technology to emphasize the strengths that make the difference of hiring, or not, the Cloud; we have also mentioned the differences in budget, financing and profitability between a Cloud Server and a Dedicated Server; I even listed the advantages and some disadvantages of the Cloud VPS to try to be impartial in the discussion and reflect with certainty the capabilities of the technology.

And how do we do it today to be still a little known option? Well, we are going to focus on a point that gives us more headaches when considering the change of our company or business to a structure in the Cloud and the evolution or expansion of the same business.

Why do not we need the same resources when we have a Dedicated Server when we have a Cloud Server?

We will define it in a very synthesized and simple way to be very clear and not leave room for any doubt with two key aspects:


         With a great capacity to adapt to the needs of each moment with a Cloud Server you can be always up to date and prepared for unexpected peaks of traffic. With the added cost savings that this can mean with good planning and the security it implies towards the business.


         With a minimum and guaranteed uptime of 99.9832% and a redundant structure with a RAID5 we ensure the high availability of your Clouds that together with the 24x7 monitoring of our technicians is the perfect combination to avoid having to worry about more than necessary that your company works correctly. In addition to the possibility of portability between platforms and to clone complete systems.

So, in a very summarized way, we have already described the main and most tangible characteristics in which a Cloud Server can excel a Dedicated Server. Do you want more information? Stay tuned to the blog and our social networks for new informative and industry trends. Still have more questions and concerns? Ask us through our social networks and we will respond happily;)