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Cloud Storage of SW Hosting for your backups

by SW Team

The SW Cloud Storage is useful for everybody. Who doesn’t have data saved in pc, pen drive or external hard disk?

Pictures, videos, study documents, paperwork, personal data, important information.

The development has changed our way of save the data and brings to us the opportunity of digital storage. But this digital step does not relieve us of the risk of loss. Maybe you have lived this experience…

This is the moment to give up the safety copies and wait for long processes, is the moment to give up buying storage physical devices, heavy, expensive, with connections, and moreover it is not sure that our data will be saved. SW Cloud Storage with Backup software is the next step that you must do and it is the perfect hybrid to solve this problem from long time ago.

The SW Cloud Storage with Backup software gives you the safe storage based on double copy, one in local and other one in remote, with the maximum safety and protection for your information such valuable.

Automate your backup and don’t worry about it

We have heard about the prevention, so let’s do that. Save your data and customize your SW Cloud Storage according to the Giga you need. The service is completely scalable and extensible. You can configure it depending on your needs. You will only need to contract your SW Cloud Storage and combined it with some Backup software. Now we offer you 3 links of free and useful programs. You can download it and make the copy as you prefer:

- Cobian Backup:

- Impersius Backup:

- AceBackup:

If you know another different than these, you can also use it. They are programs that let you compress copies, create profiles to synchronizations and other customizations. You choose. Each user can plan the copies as they want (set automatic backups every hour, or every 15 days, etc.) or even specify the relevance of the data (if you want to save in a safer way your family photos or business documents, etc.). You can adapt and customize all details of the backup and the copies will be saved in our Cloud, ensuring that the information will be intact and protected.

The information ALWAYS in your hand

The information that is on your SW Cloud Storage is not alien to you. You can access that information. Of course you feel free to do that, you have the total management, access, control of your data. It is something available and always ready for you. We are only providers of the best storage infrastructure for your data and we are the ‘safekeeper’ to save your data. We are always working for you.