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Securing your website

by SW Team

Secure CMSWhen we finally decided to have a website, we have a wide variety of possibilities to hanging our website content to a modern and cheap platform.

The Content Management System like Wordpress is a basic platform that shows you how to make a website. Its easy interface makes anyone capable to create their own website.

A website created and managed by a CMS is an easy target. Why? Because CMS and its easy platform require a regularly software updating.  So that the user has to be aware of the updating platform for the proper functioning.  Therefore, it is very important to updating it constantly in order to avoid hackers.

However, hackers’ job consists in investigating the program to look for weakness and damage your website.

How can we avoid being hacked?

From SW Hosting we want to advise you to have your website 100% free of virus.

  1. Try to have a strong password and avoid spam.
  2. Clean your computer regularly with your antivirus software and remember to updating it.
  3. Be aware of the updating software of your CMS, updating it will be a defense against any attack.
  4. Remove themes and extensions that do not use, and if you download new, make sure they are reliable.
  5. Do a backup.