Blog / Companies will spend more than 230,000 million in Cloud Architectures

Companies will spend more than 230,000 million in Cloud Architectures

by SW Team

In the next 3 years it is forecasted a higher growth than the expected about Cloud technology. Around 235 billion dollars will be invested in infrastructure. Depending on the sectors, Business Software will experience the maximum growth.

Therefore, the emergence of the cloud is not imminent but it is a claim of the present. All this information is contained in the latest study published by the consultancy IHS Technology and Gartner.

That means an increase of 35% compared to 174 billion for the investment of companies that were expected. This affects provider companies of these services, as SW Hosting, which forces us to accelerate the creation of IT environments to assure customers that they will work with more agility, quickly and successfully.



We refer again to the study of the second consultant's office, that also affirms that the market of devices (PC, smart phones and tablets) will grow 4,4% in 2014 (after falling 1,4% in 2013). The market uses cloud-based and all these companies need to invest in Cloud Computing environments. In addition, these companies want to integrate the power of Big Data analysis, in order to have competitive advantage because of knowing the profile of clients.

To carry out these challenges is inevitable invest in software, hardware, services and everything needed to expand our capabilities. SW Hosting is growing on that direction that is the opening of the Data Center in Madrid, for example. We can see the same situation with the big companies. All of us are receiving news about new investments and expansion. And it is the only way of development.


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