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Do you want to take the plunge to Cloud?

by SW Team

The Cloud technology is living with us 100% normally. It is always difficult to make the leap to a new technological model for us, but now we give to you some advises and the  summarize of the characteristics about our Cloud product

  • SW Cloud Storage: Save all your data in the cloud. This is an expandable and scalable service depending on each customer, in which we can save absolutely all the information you want: photos, videos, contacts ... Your data is protected as anywhere else, for only 0,085€ GB/month. 

  • SW Cloud Server: Do you have customers in your business that are important and cannot you take the risk of providing inappropiate service? Make sure you have a Cloud server with more speed and capacity, and always expandable depending on your needs. It has been thought for work and user environments. You can segment your data and protect them from the safest way for only 50 GB for 38 €/month. Remember they can be managed or unmanaged (these are managed by yourself). More info: SW Cloud Server

  • SW Flash System IMB™: the IBM technology is offering the disk access faster. Break the high latency of conventional disks and work with your large volume of data in a speed way. For demanding public, this is the final bet. More info: SW Flash System

  • Technical Consultancy: in SW Hosting we have never lost the desire to work offering a direct and close deal. If you have questions and need assistance, our technical staff will study your case and will create the suitable infrastructure. Currently, we work with the hearing fixed in systems consultancy about Cloud.

The best service at the best price with the lastest Cloud technology. Now is the moment. In SW Hosting we give to you all the facilities.