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Domain surveillance service

by SW Team

Now you have a new service available from your SW Panel with which you can be informed of any change in the status of a domain: domain surveillance.

What does it consist of?

Has it ever happened to you that when you search for the domain that interests you, it is busy? Thanks to the domain surveillance service you will be able to register your domain automatically if at any time it becomes free. The domain surveillance service is a complementary service to the domain registry consisting of the daily analysis of the situation of the domain specified by the client. It is activated from the SW Panel, our control panel for managing your products and services.

Our automatic systems review every hour, every day of the year, the status of a specific domain and notify you when it becomes free or any other change in status: transferring, blocked, redemption period, pending delete, etc.

When activating the service you can choose between receiving a notification by mail when the status change you indicate occurs, or what is more important, it allows you to choose to automatically register the domain you want when it becomes free.

You will no longer have to be pending to be able to register the domain you want. With domain surveillance, our systems will do it all for you.

What domains can I monitor?

SW Hosting only offers domain surveillance for the extensions available for registration, detailed at all times in the SW Panel. Any other extension cannot be monitored, and this situation will be notified during the first step of activating the monitoring.

You currently have surveillance available for the main domains .com, .net, .cat, .es, .org, .info, .eu, etc.

I'm interested ... how is it activated?

You can activate domain surveillance from your SW Panel. You have a help manual available where we explain step by step how to activate the service:

Access your SW Panel now and actívate domain surveillance