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Ho Ho Hosting raffle, only for you dear customers

by SW Team

To thank you and all our customers for trusting us and for staying by our side this year 2022. We have prepared this raffle with €50 of credit for SWPanel, about which you have probably already received the email. If it seems unfamiliar to you, go to your email and check if you have received it, because there is the survey that allows you to participate.

Anyway, here's a brief summary of what this raffle is all about. To participate you only need to answer 1 survey, that's all. Also, among all the participants, there will be only 3 winners. And the prize, as we told you at the beginning, is no more and no less than 50€ of credit in your control panel, that you can spend on whatever you want; Clouds, Hostings, more domains, etc.

So, go to your email to answer the survey. Therefore, you will be automatically participating in this great raffle which is just for you. You have until the 26th of December, and on the 27th we will announce the winners.

Best of luck to everyone, joyful holidays and happy ho ho hosting!

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