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How to install a theme in Wordpress

by SW Team

Themes are very important because they define the appearance of our website, and even will give us some special options that will facilitate our work and improve the user experience.

When you access to ‘Appearance> Themes’ appear all installed themes and the option to adding new ones.

To install a theme we have several options, all depends on the theme you want to install.  

Search engine of Wordpress themes

If we have not yet chosen the theme we want to install, we can use the WordPress theme search engine, where we will find a large library of themes, most of them free.

To do this, we can search using a keyword and/or using one of the filters.

Once we have chosen the theme, all we have to do is click on 'Install Now', we will be asked for the FTP access data and the installation of the theme will begin.

Once installed, all we have to do is activate the theme. On the other hand, if we have obtained the theme from a site other than WordPress, we can upload it directly using one of the two options provided by WordPress, via its own 'uploder' or via 'ftp'.

Upload a topic using the Uploader

In the same page of theme search there is the option 'Upload', when entering we will have to select the .zip file of the theme that we should have in our computer.

Once the theme is uploaded, we only have to click on 'Install Now', it will ask us for the FTP access data, the theme installation will start and when it is finished we only have to activate the theme.

Upload a theme by FTP

With this option, we will need to use an FTP client to access the '/wp-content/themes' folder and unzip the contents of the theme zip.

Once uploaded, we just have to go to the 'Appearance>Themes' section and activate the theme we just uploaded.


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