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IES Montilivi students visit us

by SW Team

SW Hosting also is a meeting point where many visitors come every year. This is the case of the last visit we have received, that of these young computer science students from IES Montilivi Girona, accompanied by their teachers: Ricard Galvany and Narcís Falgueras.

The group of nearly twenty students has shown curiosity and inquisitiveness about to know how SW Hosting servers work, how all the information of our clients is housed and how is the dimension of our infrastructure.

Moreover, during the lecture-talk we have been speaking about Cloud Computing technology, data traffic generated in the Internet, the importance of hosting as a tool to prove our value in the network, and web positioning, as a resource for the impact we need.

This interest stems from the passion that these students feel for their studies. In this first year, all efforts are focused on web development and to learn the basics of programming. The next course, the new step will be to work with Database and HTML language. The key to success, as always, is to continue with the education and professionalism; and the students know that, there's no doubt.

Before visiting the Data Center, recently awarded, in SW Hosting we have take advantage of the visit to explain our history and the evolution of the company, the current market situation, future prospects and growth needs that the technology is demanding to us and will demand to us in a future.

We expect that the same interest they have shown us during the visit and interaction that they have had, can be the same to continue with that development and creation of new products and services in the Internet.

We hope you have enjoyed as much as we have. See you soon!