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Infrastructure matters

by SW Team

Our greatest potential is the quality. Our greatest potential is the quality. To offer it we have the best settings and facilities of the market.

SW Hosting has the guarantee of the IBM technology, the Juniper connectivity, most powerful operators of the moment and the best Data Center.

IBM Technology

On one hand, SW Cloud is based on IBM technology. It is located in expandable modular racks as the V7000 to give the response to the technological challenges or even the IBM FlashSystem 810. The combined sum of CPDs of Girona and Madrid makes that SW Hosting facilities are at the forefront. These allow to have balanced instances in both Data Centers through the replication of the instances of data between IBM™ racks.

Juniper Connectivity

The connectivity to the network and Internet works through the Juniper Switches QFX QFabric series model. The integration of IBM and QFabric of Juniper Networks, give rise to the new architecture MetaFabric© of Juniper. This allows the deployment of smart Data Centers, accelerating the development and the provision of services and applications on Cloud and Multi-site environments.

Interconnectivity between Data Centers

Girona connectivity is made through three operators that are: Ono, Cogent and Level3. These operators are connected in ring with a total bandwidth of 3.000Mb and form an Autonomous System (‘AS’). Madrid connectivity is made through two operators that are: Level3 and NTT, as the fourth provider that will provide 1.000Mb each one of them.

The total is 5.000Mb (3.000 in Girona + 2.000 in Madrid). We add other 1.000Mb for the interconnection between headquarters on a network of up 10Gb. Networks are connected with ring and are fully redundant to ensure the maximum connectivity.

In the current national market only the SW Cloud Server is the one that has the most advanced technological features, service, guarantee and quality. The SW Cloud is the real one, because the infrastructure YES, it does matter.

We say that the infrastructure matters because it is the guarantee of the proper functioning of your resources. SW Hosting has one of the best facilities of the current moment.