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Look for us: SW Hosting

by SW Team

SW Hosting. Our new identity is our new presentation. We make our way without borders in the sector. This leads us to renew ourselves and to be known with an universal name: SW Hosting.

From now on, you'll recognize us from any location on Earth. To speak about SW Hosting it won't have limitations. Some user or company already recognizes us from their screens with this new name.

This change also arrives with all the new graphic image and exclusive products, some of which are only provided by SW Hosting in Spain, for example, we are the unique provider of Flash System Tier 0 of IBM™ (our SW Flash). This innovation and technology investment is what separates us from the competitor in the country, and what encourage us to open ourselves to new foreign markets.





It has been this growing desire and merits received which have made ​​us act in international key. Trade agreements with the most advanced international companies such as IBM, these strategic agreements that expand our market without pressing the brake.

It is noteworthy that SW Hosting continues with its purest essence, regardless of the change. A name change or a change in the graphic image is nothing more that work with the purpose of development. We extend our sales to external activity but do not change our direction. We are working from the territory and for the territory.

Our team works to make available to you the best services and the highest performance at the best price around. We extend our borders.